Why does background show through?

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    I tried changing my blog willcookson.wordpress.com to zbench but when I added my background I found that the picture showed through behind the text (rather than on the sides of the two columns). This made the text unreadable. Is this supposed to happen on zbench? How can I stop this happening?

    The blog I need help with is willcookson.wordpress.com.


    That is the way zBench was designed. It was the author’s decision.


    Thesacredpath is correct.

    I’m also using Zbench and it’s awesome that way. Just use a light-colored background so the text will be readable.



    Thanks for the quick reply, I feared as much. Shame its not changeable – but such is life. Is there a list somewhere of which show through and which don’t?


    Vigilance has a white background for the content area as does twenty ten. There are a lot of other themes that have a declared background or color for the content area, in fact the bulk of them have some sort of background for the content area (background image would not show through.


    @willcookson you can try paperpunch.



    Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it. May stay with the Twenty ten for the moment. This is where one needs to become a CSS whizz. There are some great ideas in many of the different themes – I just want to mix and match!




    I just want to mix and match!
    Just to clarify do know that CSS is theme specific here at WordPress.com and you cannot use CSS styleheets from one theme on another theme.

    Also note that we have a new Theme Showcase you can use to demo different themes and check out how the features work here > http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/twentyten/



    Timethief, I am just fussy! I think that WordPress has a great set of themes. Its just to achieve exactly what I want would mean nicking bits from different themes. I am sure one day a theme will come out and I will realise it is exactly what I want. In the meantime I’m sure that it doesn’t matter. Unless the content is right the rest of it is so much tinsel.
    Becoming a CSS whizz is tempting but I suspect I don’t really want to put the time in!
    Although just took the survey and would be happy to pay for getting it as I want!

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