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Why does it say "Comments are closed"?

  1. allthoughtswork

    Why does it say "Comments are closed" at the bottom of my post? I didn't close them. In Discussion under Settings on my Dashboard, I assigned no expiration date for posting comments. Older posts than that one still allows comments. What the--?

    The comment-challenged post:



    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it says "Comments are closed" on that post only, then you have disabled commenting on that post. Edit the post, enable comments and pings in the Discussion module, update. Or go to Posts > All Posts, locate the post, click Quick Edit under the post title, check the options "Allow Comments" and "Allow Pings", click Update.

  3. allthoughtswork

    Thanks, justpi. It's the weirdest thing--I didn't even know you could do that from within Edit mode, I've never even noticed them there, but somehow those boxes got unchecked. My truck mechanic calls stuff like that "engine weasels." Damned engine weasels.



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