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Why does it say Inactive under my name?

  1. Have been posting to the forums for a the last week or so as I ramp up everything I need to learn. I was concerned about my theme and how it was appearing so I went to look it up on my husband's machine. My post in the forum showed up but it says Inactive under my name.

    When I look on my machine is says Member. I was never signed out when I looked at my husbands machine so I am confused. I thought inactive meant they weren't posting or no longer had a blog.

    Any help is appreciated - I will stop asking questions after this for a while - I promise.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've seen many people labeled Inactive this week. I think it's just a glitch, nothing to worry about. Even Timethief has been labeled Inactive sometimes.

  3. What? Me inactive ... lol :D

  4. timetheif is the first person I learned to recognize on the forums as she has answered almost every post I have made.

    Thank you raincoaster - I won't worry about it. Sorry for asking so many questions - I usually try to spend at least an hour trying to find the answer myself before I post.

  5. I swear I looked....thank you timethief.

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