Why does my article on a hot topic not get picked up by google?

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    There is a proposal to surge the War on Drugs in the Cedarburg School District by implementing random drug testing of high school students. News reports on the subject are fluff and parrot advocates’ spin.

    I wrote the first of a proposed series of articles in our local newspaper (Ozaukee News Graphic) and it has been well received. Fifty site visits the first day. But when I google the subject itself, my weblog does not come up at all, with one exception. Under “War on Drugs Cedarburg High School” there is a link to my weblog, but the link provided by Google is <clydewinte.wordpress.com/feed/> and clicking on it just gives gibberish, not the column itself.

    I’d like my weblog article to be presented to people interested in a topic when they google the topic. Can you suggest where I can learn how to do that?



    My weblog address is actually <clydewinter.wordpress.com>



    Cornell has answered you in the duplicate post you made https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=8777&page&replies=2



    Thank you to the people who replied to my March 10 question. (Their responses seem to have disappeared, however, and I don’t really know how to appropriately use this forum.)

    My “Hearts and Minds” blog archives my regular op-ed column that runs in our local general readership newspaper. My recent post titled “War on Drugs Surges to Cedarburg High School” actually appeared in a few google key word searches that a concerned local parent, student, teacher, administrator, or taxpayer might initiate. But it didn’t appear until two weeks after it was posted. And it only appeared for a day and then was gone. (Why was it scrubbed, and so soon?)

    Googling “Cedarburg School District drug policy” or “Cedarburg high school drug testing” results in only a few items that actually apply to this current proposal here for random drug testing without cause of students. My essay is the first in a two part series that actually dissects the issue, and presents the community with useful sources of information before deciding to implement this testing program. None of the other items presented to the google searches present this quality of research or information. And all but a few items are completely irrelevant.

    My additional efforts at direct contacts resulted in that particular essay being posted on DrugSenseBot. And it is presented as an item in response to the above key word search as http://www.drugpolicy central.com/bot/xarticle/clydewinter.wordpress. So my actual blog made a fleeting appearance for one day only on the directly applicable browser search, and quickly disappeared. But my article (in a different format, and on a different web site) has come up and might remain (as long, probably, as “drugpolicycentral.com” keeps it available on THEIR web site for our community and anyone else who finds it relevant).

    Since March 9, this latest essay on my “Hearts and Minds” blog has been visited 174 times. That’s a record total for any of the sixty-some carefully researched and crafted op-ed columns that have run in the little local newspaper here in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. The next highest number of hits (146) have been recorded on “R.I.P. Matthew Sheridan”, a piece about a young man who was killed by police responding to a false report.

    A notable and historic column published six months BEFORE the invasion of Iraq commenced, “The Madness Must End”, and a compelling follow-up, “A History Lesson Learned the Easy Way”, written three years later, have received only 15 hits each on my blog, altho they raised quite a fuss when they appeared in the local twice-weekly newspaper. There was NOTHING like “The Madness Must End” in even the largest, most “respected” general readership U.S. newspapers at the time. And my column runs in the midst of a reputedly staunch Republican monoculture. Talk about some heat! Yet reader responses to that column were 80 percent favorable!

    I strive for quality, not quantity, in my posted essays, so frequency of posting is regular – but low. The newspaper publisher does not archive or feature my columns on their web site like they do the other (wrong-wing-nut) regular columnists. I started my “Hearts and Minds” blog about eight months ago, in order to get my op-ed pieces a wider circulation, and exposure on the internet. I know little to nothing about tricks to get a high profile for browsers. But I spend a lot of time doing careful, responsible writing. In this local environment, some even call it courageous writing. However, I remain a nobody to internet browsers, as the fate of my latest essay on a topic of growing concern nationwide, and a hot topic here in Cedarburg, makes quite clear.

    Thank you again, for your interest and comments. But I do believe that despite kind efforts to help, this topic remains (in my mind, at least) unresolved.

    “Hearts and Minds” <http://clydewinter.wordpress.com/about&gt;



    Um, not sure why you wrote all that as it wasn’t necessary.

    You need to take to Google about the issue. My guess right off is with your website not updating that often, it’s not a welcome target to being spidered by the search engines. Google appears to only have a total of 21 links noted to your blog which probably a bit on the low site for Google’s liking.



    Thanks for all assistance. I’ve got a clue now.

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