Why does my Blog "Editor" not get email notices the same as I?

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    I would appreciate it if my “Editor” would likewise get email notices of comments, moderated comments, problems etc from WordPress.. just as I do as Admin.

    I assumed the reason for Editor was to help in managing the Blog.

    Sure would be nice if you could do that or allow two email notice locations on the configuration page, one for Admin and one for Editor.

    Thanks, Jack Weaver, AKA ExPreacherMan
    Blog url: http://expreacherman.wordpress.com/



    You’re right in so far as the email notifications only go to one email address, and it’s not currently possible to change this (it’s been the subject of a good deal of discussion in fact).

    So, currently, the email address which receives comment notifications is that which is associated with the user profile of the author of the post. Perhaps to get around this, you could use an email address you both have access to, or set up email rules to forward such notices to each-other automatically?


    Thanks Hanni,

    Happiness Engineer, I am not quite happy yet.. 8-)

    How then will my Editor, who according to WP instructions has the ability to moderate comments, be able to moderate if he never knows there is a comment needing moderation on a post I have written?

    Are you saying that only the Admin has rights to moderate all comments and an editor has only rights to moderate his own in spite of your page describing “Editor”?

    From WP Help Page:

    An editor can publish, edit, and delete ANY posts/pages, MODERATE comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files/images.

    Logical thinking would assume that “Editor” would have full rights as described above. I am dense and don’t understand.

    I appreciate your patience ahd help.

    Jack AKA ExPreacherMan.



    Editors can moderate all comments, they just don’t receive email notifications whenever a comment is made on the blog. That right is reserved only for the author of the post.


    Thanks MacManX

    As I said, it would be nice if you folks could design WP so that Editor would be able to receive email notifications as well as Admin and do a lot of the work of Admin.

    But — we sure do appreciate the wonderful other features of WP — I feel sorry for friends who Blog on Blogger and TypePad.. I used to do that before switching to WP and I’ve never looked back.




    You’re welcome!

    We’ll definitely look into the possibilities of expanding the Editor role.

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