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Why does my blog load too slowly?

  1. This is the kind of complaint I get from blog readers:

    "When I load your blog in Firefox using Vista OS, I get the message that Firefox needs to stopped because it is using 1 gig of memory (the excessive memory use error message). It happens even when I have closed all the windows but the one in which I open your blog. It takes forever to load and will jump around between entries for a bit. I think it started two weeks ago, but then again my memory is not so good. After viewing your blog I have to kill Firefox to make it give memory back to the rest of the pc. I don’t see any difference in behavior between text and photos."

    When I open up my blog, I notice more than one blog entry opens up, the most recent one and several previous ones. I don't think it always did this. Could this be the problem?

    The blog I need help with is

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