Why does my blog suddenly have such a simple format with no unique layout?

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    Just in this past week, my blog has been very dysfunctional. Primarily, it appears with no theme/layout but just simple text and plain pictures all left justified. The sidebar is now at the bottom too. When I go to the dashboard, everything appears normal but I cannot add new media and certain other buttons do not work. I use Google Chrome and cleared browser cookies and cache to no avail. Could it have anything to do with the fact that I have used 85% of my available storage space? Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is paulfranklinmorgan.wordpress.com.



    Using FF19, everything looks as it should.

    What version of Chrome are you using? And did you try restarting your computer and/or router?


    Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64

    Our router is restarted every night and my computer almost every night. The problem has persisted for about a week now. Thanks for your help!



    Try updating your browser. The current version of Chrome is 26.



    Just updated and it made no difference.



    It looks fine here with Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m




    All load OK for me


    When I click on those links, nothing comes up. It says it can not be found.



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    Could you please let me know what ISP (Internet Service Provider) you’re using, and in what country you’re located?

    Would you mind also please following these steps on your Mac:

    1. Go to Applications -> Utilities folder.
    2. Open Network Utility
    3. Click Traceroute tab, enter the domain (s0.wp.com), and click Trace.
    4. Copy all the output by clicking in a blank area, press Command–A to select all the text, then Command–C to copy it to your clipboard, then paste (Command–V) the output in your reply here.

    Thanks for your help.


    We live in DRCongo and have satellite internet.

    Here is the output:
    Traceroute has started…

    traceroute: unknown host s0.wp.com



    traceroute: unknown host s0.wp.com

    That would explain it – you aren’t getting the stylesheets. I think this is an ISP problem rather than a WordPress one


    Ok interesting. So I’ll need to contact the administrators for our internet system here then? Thanks for all your help!



    Yes, I suggest you contact your ISP and find out if they are blocking these URLs, or any IP addresses associated with WordPress.com.


    Let us know how it goes.


    Here is part of the response from our network administrator:

    “What is being blocked is some tracking code coming from quantaserve.com, which is legitimately in the “Ads” blacklist. Since the quantaserve script can’t load, it is preventing any of the style sheets from also loading. You should be able to eliminate the problem by removing the wordpress.com stats plugin from your blog site.”

    I just don’t understand why this problem only started in the past few weeks when we’ve been here on this network for nearly a year. What changed? It’s a disappointment to have to remove the stats plugin. Any other options?



    Thanks for the information from your network administrator.

    Here is some information from our end:

    Quantcast (quantserve.com, not quantaserve.com) is not an ad, it’s a measurement pixel. They are legitimate and have an opt-out here:

    Your ISP should not break your site by blocking all static WP.com content. If they are opposed to Quantcast, they could just block quantserve.com – although that should really be your choice, not theirs.

    Nothing’s changed around Quantcast in the last few weeks that we are aware of, so perhaps this is a recent change made at your ISP’s end.

    I hope this helps clarify things, let us know if we can be of further help.


    Is there any way that I can disable/remove the stats plugin? From here, I am unable to do anything on my blog now so I’ve had my dad (a programmer) sign on in the US for me to try to make some changes but he did not see a way to remove the stats plugin. Our administrator things that might help. Thank you for advising us on this.



    There is no way to remove the stats plugin, as WordPress.com is a shared platform, and all sites run the same set of common plugins.


    Thank you for all of your help. It is with great regret and quite a few tears that we will have to leave wordpress to start another blog/website that will not be blocked by our high security constraints on our network here in Congo.

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