Why does my current web address state it was deleted??

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    I created a WordPress.com free account years ago. I believe I originally had the name/web address of “michaelardenconley”. (michaelardenconley.wordpress.com). But if I’m remembering correctly I decided to delete that one and create the new (current) one listed below.


    In the “My Account” pane, my displayed “Web Address” as “http://eyeswords.wordpress.com” as well as my username. But when I attempt to create a new blog I cannot use this address. When I visit my web address it displays “eyeswords.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.”

    I did not delete this site, and I am the “author”. I can provide screenshots of the “My Account” pane, as well as the email I received from ([email redacted]) confirming my deletion of my (old) “michaelardenconley” account. I searched my email archive (I never delete anything), and I have no other emails besides the deletion confirmation of “michaelardenconley”. And as I stated above “In the “My Account” pane, my displayed “Web Address” as “http://eyeswords.wordpress.com””

    Please help me to resolve this and get my blog url working.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is eyeswords.wordpress.com.



    Hi there. http://eyeswords.wordpress.com/ does indeed seem to be deleted, but your username is linked to a completely different address: http://hiswordspressed.wordpress.com/ Is that another blog entirely?



    Hello thank you for replying..
    Yes I have now impatiently started a new blog with a new address because I could not find a resolution to this. I also got tired of my account pointing to a deleted page. I have I been able to contact support as to how it became deleted. I would still like the ability to use it since that was my original intention when I created it but never actually started to blog. I only deleted one blog/address. That was the one I had when I created my account. That one (michaelardenconley) is deleted and understandably so, the one I was saving (eyeswords), on the other hand was never deleted be me.
    I understand this sites policy is to never, under any circumstances give back a page that has been deleted. Even if the “author” did not play any part in doing so. But I simply do not see why they could not find it was deleted in error and that there was never any content whatsoever posted upon it. So hopefully someone on staff can figure this out and do the right thing and fix their sites error.



    I’ll tag this for staff to follow up. Please be patient while waiting for their reply.



    Thanks! I do believe I already gave it a staff tag, unless there is another way to do it.
    At this point I would almost consider the issue resolved because my impatience has already gotten the better of me and I moved on and created a new blog.

    Thanks again!



    Hi there,

    I have responded to you privately. Please check your email and respond from there if you have any questions.

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