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Why does my Links not open in Widget (index)

  1. I have a widget called "index" where i put artists (albums) in. If i click on a link (artist) the link opens, only it gives the message that "The website cannot display the page". Sometimes the page opens in the grey Background color of my website. It will not open the post that i want to see.

    What seems to be the problem over here ?

    I hope someone van give me an answer.

  2. There is no widget called Index on your site.

    The category widget links have flaws in them. They are of the form

    How, exactly, did you put those links in?

  3. From dashboard, and add a new post.
    On the right side of website i have the Categories Widget.
    I add new category fill in the name of the post (in my case the artist)
    and click on publish.

  4. That is not how the Category widget works. It ONLY aggregates posts in categories that have been published. You do not fill in anything in the widget.

  5. What is the right way to to this ?
    please explain this step by step to me

  6. You write blog Posts, and as you write them, you add Categories to them.

    Then the Categories widget automatically gathers together every post in that Category like, say, "Unicorns" and when someone clicks on the "Unicorns" entry on the Category widget, they get ONLY those blog posts you've added to that category.

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