Why does my primary domain point ot a domain I do not control?

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    My wordpress.com domain points to the wrong URL. I have set radicalwriting.wordpress.com as the primary domain. When I type that into a browser, I go to spillingink.net.

    I used to own this domain but do not any longer.

    I also purchased the domain spilling-ink.org and have its nameservers set to radicalwriting.wordpress.com That address ALSO goes to spillingink.net.

    THis is driving me NUTS. PLEASE help. You all have a great reputation for support and I talk up wordpress all the time. But the persistence of this problem and lack of support is aggravating.
    Blog url: http://radicalwriting.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is radicalwriting.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry for the frustration.

    When I visit http://radicalwriting.wordpress.com, I’m able to see your WordPress.com site just fine.

    You might try clearing your cache if you’re still being redirected to another site:

    I can see that you’ve set your name servers on spilling-ink.org to:


    That’s correct.

    Now, you’ll need to visit Store -> Domains, and set spilling-ink.org as your primary domain.

    Once you do so, it may take a couple of hours for the change to take full effect.

    Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance. :-)

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