Why does my 'private' blog show visitors in the stats?

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    I have set up a private blog as a test blog as has been suggested in order to try out themes and so on before activating them on my main blog. Today I noticed that I appeared to have had 5 hits which is a bit of a surprise given that it is marked as ‘private’. Can anyone shed any light on how this happens? I am not particularly bothered because the content is just sample bits and pieces of text and a few photos but it is odd nevertheless. Should I ask Staff about this? Or is there a logical explanation that someone is familiar with.



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    I did specify a reason. See the title dear Bot. and my blogs are all hosted at wordpress.com. And I have not included the link to the blog but I can. You won’t be able to see it, well in theory, because it is private, except it doesn’t seem to be….




    Staff made that change and announced it here > http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/watch-your-traffic-grow-with-sparklines/

    Private blogs, which can be viewed only by users chosen by the administrator, now track the page views of all of their users. Traditionally we have omitted the views attributed to a blog’s own users because stats were meant to reflect the activity of the general public. However, this meant that private blogs had no useful stats reports. This change will be especially useful for private blogs that have many users.



    Logged in visitors are now counted for a Private Blog. This was changed a few months ago. Before the change all Private blogs had zero visitors as logged in visitors are not counted. The Staff felt this was a more accurate view of what is happening. Many Private blogs have a lot of visitors and they were not shown as they we logged in.

    So yes you now count on your Private blog.



    I understand. Thank you both. I think I only read the first part about the sparkline thing and didn’t see the second bit.

    Very kind of you to get me up to speed and reduce my paranoia :)



    Your welcome from me. :)

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