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Why does my recent feeds show 5 posts even though i already changed it to 9 ?

  1. Why does my recent feeds show 5 posts even though i already changed it to 9? Anyone do you have an idea how can i fix it? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hey can anyone help me? thanks

  3. Are you asking about your recent posts widget?

    Your post feed (RSS) is displaying 10 summarized articles.

  4. Hi. In the reading settings I have it set to only 1 post to be read but on loading the bog it displays all of my posts. Am I doing it wrong? Could someone offer advice . Thank you.

  5. Any help: i have set up my blog to show 10 post in the page, but shows just 7 post -- What i'm doing wrong?

  6. @clichefree
    Twenty Ten now has infinite scrolling.
    But because it has footer widgets you can over-ride that.
    Be sure you have a widget in your footer. Even an empty text widget will work.
    Settings—>Reading—>unclick "scroll infinitely"—>Save
    Settings—>Reading—>"Blog pages show at most"—>type number—>save

  7. @hiram1970

    The site linked to your username has only 5 posts. If you are asking about another site, then please provide a clickable link starting with http://

  8. @clichefree

    BTW, here is a link to posts about infinite scrolling:

  9. @noypigeeks
    This is your feed for posts and in it I see excerpts from 10 posts just as Tess said above:
    In your Recent Posts widegt I see 5 posts and that can be increased by opening the widget and increasing the number of posts to be displayed, clicking "save" and then "close".

  10. ~~ Hi Tess
    Good morning :)

  11. ~~timethief: g'morning!

  12. thanks a million @clichefree -- your explanation fixed my problem.

  13. sorry i meant member: timethief

  14. keep messing up --- the one helped my problem was: 1tess

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