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Why does my site not look like the theme?

  1. Why does my site not look like the theme? Do I have to activate something? When I change themes the layout doesn't even change. I know there are header images, & featured images. I can insert those on some of the themes, but they always go to the same place. Even on the themes that appear to have a feature image running across the whole width of the page. Do I have to pay to be able to change anything more than text and place an image in that 1 box?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. At the moment you're using 2011, and it does look like the demo. What theme(s) are you interested in?

  3. Anything free with scrolling images across the top. For instance the Forever theme. I can't get the images to show up. I've tried posting a gallery, I've tried a sticky post. I've tried a feature image. I've tried a header image. I'm either not doing it right, or I haven't tried the right thing. Then after that, how do I get the images to show up on the other pages or is that even possible.

    Also, I've read that in any one theme there are multiple page templates, but the only place to enter information is in the one body box when you create a new page. Sure you can create columns in the box by aligning text & images, but it's still just one box that you pour your information into.

  4. You mean themes with a posts slider. They require sticky posts, with featured images in the appropriate dimensions. Some of these themes also require a special template page as your front page. You need to study the instructions for each theme:
    Other than the special front page template, page templates on other themes mean sidebar or no sidebar.

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