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Why does my start page not display anything?

  1. ichbindaswortistich

    My start page does not display anything, regardless of what button I click. I can neither view my statistics nor read weblogs I am subscribed to. I can log in normally, and I can get to the respective dashboards of my weblogs, but the start page itself seems to be defective. This problem has never occured before. Why is this, and, more importantly, what can I do about it?
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  2. Which browser and version of it are your using please?
    Have you tried disabling all browser add-ons and extensions?
    Also how are you connecting to the internet and to please?

  3. What do you mean by "the sart page"? Are you logging in on the home page? If so please try logging in directly to your blog

  4. edite" "the sart page" was meant to be "My start page" - sorry :(

  5. ichbindaswortistich

    I use Firefox 14.01 (the latest version).

    What I was referring to is the page to which you get when you log in via the WordPress start page. In the upper leftern corner there is the WordPress logo, beneath it are several headers saying (from left to right) ‘New Post’, ‘Reader’, ‘Notifications’, ‘Stats’, ‘My Blogs’, and ‘Freshly Pressed’. No matter which of these I click, the respective site does not show, although the address line says ‘!/post/’, ‘!/read/’, et cetera.

  6. Aha! Now I know what you mean and I'll flag this thread for Staff attention.

  7. I'd like to rule-out the possibility of a browser-specific issue.

    Would you please check in a different browser, like Chrome?

  8. ichbindaswortistich

    It has indeed turned out that it may be a Firefox-related issue. Opera lets me use the menu without any issues; I am going to check whether the problem results from any add-on.

  9. Perfect, it's probably an add-on. I'm using FF 14.0.1 myself without issue.

  10. I'm using FF 14.0.1 too and like you - no problems here.

  11. AdBlock Plus and DNT+ (Do Not Track Plus) have been causing problems with WordPress. To save you some time, try those add-ons first.

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