Why does my text disappear after saving draft?

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    I was typing up my latest blog post in the WordPress online editor complete with 12 pictures and text. I clicked the button to save the draft. After that, the post lost all my text and half of my pictures. I tried to restore a previous version from the revision history, but it did not contain all the information.

    Please let me know if this problem can be solved. Also, is there any way that I can recover the text?

    The post ID of my draft is #236.
    Blog url: http://3dexcursions.wordpress.com/


    Sorry about this. I’m not sure what could have caused it. Has it happened with any posts in the past?

    If you try clearing your cache and cookies are you able to save the entire text?

    Also, what browser are you using? Does switching to Firefox have any impact on it?



    Yes, this incident has happened before. I am currently using IE9. But I could try Firefox or Chrome.

    I will try clearing my cache and cookies and see what that does.


    Okay, let me know how things go with the cache clear and Firefox. Thanks!



    Everything seems to be working OK now. Thanks for your help!

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