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why does my twitter feed show my gravatar and not a thumbnail of my latest post?

  1. I publicize each new post on my Twitter feed and via that my Facebook page. When I post a picture in my photoblog, it appears as a thumbnail on Twitter, and then on Facebook. From this morning (Feb 11th), my Twitter feed is displaying my grvatar with each new blog post and NOT a thumbnail of my latest photograph. Why is this and how do I change it back? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am seeing the same thing. I carefully chose the image for my post each day and want it reflected on the Facebook post, not my Gravitar.

  3. It's really frustrating because everything has been working fine for over a month and a half. It's just today that that's changed. I've even deleted the gravatar image, but it is still appearing instead of the thumbnail.

  4. I have even tried manually posting the blogpost url as a tweet and an FB status update, and it still displays the gravatar! What's going on???

  5. My problem is with my Facebook post, but it appears related. For me this started today with syptoms exactly like yours. Yesterday's post showed no image on Facebook, and today's shows my gravitar rather than the picture in the post.

  6. Exactly. The only difference for me is that it is happening both on Twitter and FB.

  7. Funnily, this seems to only be happening on posts from my photoblog. Posts from my other WordPress blogs seem to be ok, and allow a thumbnail.

  8. I am using the "Nishita" theme in "photoblog" mode. Perhaps the change is in the theme?

  9. Hmm, I'm using the same theme. OK, that sounds like a possible solution. BRB.

  10. Nah, that doesn't work. I changed to "Modularity Lite", and posted a new pic. Same problem.

  11. I changed to "Blissful Blog" (had to fix that header) and on a post on Facebook my image appears instead of the Gravatar. At least it is something. If this sticks, it resolves my issue. Good luck with the twitter part.

  12. Ok, the "publicize" tool when it posts for me is still placing my Gravitar on Facebook, instead of my chosen image. We have tried two seperate themes and still have issues. I wonder how we raise a bug report?

  13. I don't know. I was hoping someone from WordPress would have noticed this discussion by now.

  14. My guess is that it has something to do with changes to the Reader! They make a change in one place and it creates a problem in another! I bet that the system code is a real Frankenstein's Monster! None of the recent changes have made improvements - they should leave well alone until they are sure how changes in one place will impact elsewhere!

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