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Why does my webpage appear with wordpress google ads?

  1. I search it on google, then I enter thru it link and my webpage appear with google ads, I'm not even a member of google ads and my blog is free.

  2. wp places ads randomly in blogs - it's a trial basis of sorts. you won't see it in your blog itself but as how you've found it - by clicking your links in search engines.

    basically nothing you can do about it except hope it will go away...

  3. OMG. I didn't know this and I certainly hope it goes away quickly.

    We were told on a previous "Under The Post" WP announcement that any ads on our blogs would be optional.

    From Matt: "For those who were wondering, it is of course your ads. We do show our ads occasionally on, but anything more than that would be at your discretion and with your adsense ID."

  4. You will not see ads when you are signed in to The trial basis adsense on our blogs initiated by terminated last summer when a firm arrangement to continue having the was made. The initiated adsense advertizing on our blogs is here to stay. You can confirm this by use of the forum search box, by contacting staff and by reading this

  5. fabrizioazzali

    I do not like it
    i think I will go away from wordpress

  6. Be sure to send a feedback before you leave explaining the reason for your decision. If they're losing users as a result of their obscure ad policy, they should be aware of it.

  7. Has WordPress ever entertained the thought of allowing blogs to make use of Adsense?
    That WP doesn't allow javascript sinks the gigantic Google boat anyway.
    But maybe that's not such a bad thing . . .

  8. @badsneaker
    To be clear does run adsense ads on our free blogs here already and has been doing so since last summer. And I believe the PTB have "entertained" the idea of bloogers getting a portion of the income from adsense. However, this is a policy issue so if there is any further information you want to apprised of you must obtain it from staff

  9. I always thought Adsense was a brilliant idea on Google's behalf but I've yet to see a blog
    that had a Google ad.
    Maybe I'm not looking at enough blogs.
    I will check out the link.
    Thanks, TT

  10. You're welcome.
    P.S. You have to be signed out in order to see them. Also they are only run on some blogs at any given point in time so, you may never see them.

  11. I'll keep an eye out.
    Thanks again.

  12. You're welcome and happy blogging.

  13. I've been here for a year and a half, and I've seen google ads perhaps half a dozen times. They're not very common, currently.

    Several options have been suggested to staff including: revenue split between the bloggers and WP and paid ad-free upgrade.

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  15. Hi! I'm not opposed to these ads since WordPress gives us this great service for free and I get they need to bring in revenue to support over one million WP blogs. That said...I was logged out and happened to find the ads on my Work Coach blog today. The ones under the post is fine, but what bothers me are the ads under the title before you get to the post. It looks really messy and interrupts the I worry it makes it seem like this is nothing but a commercial site and that might turn off some of my readers. Is there any way to express our preference for the ads to appear after the post - or is this a done deal?

  16. You can always send a feedback. Last month they did a blog post about the space after the blog post and one of the options they had to put in there was ads.

  17. This is very much a done deal. In fact in a recent interview Matt posited the notion of allowing users to use adsense on payment of monies to - lol - WordPress. To be free of all restrictions (and ads) the only option is to go third party hosted with all the upheaval that implies.

  18. ... what bothers me are the ads under the title before you get to the post. It looks really messy and interrupts the I worry it makes it seem like this is nothing but a commercial site and that might turn off some of my readers. Is there any way to express our preference for the ads to appear after the post - or is this a done deal?

    I'm in full agreement. I intensely dislike ads between the title and the text and in fact any where in the blogging space. I would like to see ads banned from the blogging space. It's where we express ourselves and IMO ads do not belong there.

    That being said ads are a done deal and more are on the way. There's strong reason to believe an adsense widget upgrade may be in the offing.

    The alternative is as suggested by others - move to paid webhosting and then you will be in control of what's on your blog.

  19. Very much appreciate the answers to my question (aka whimpering plea). I had seen some of the things Matt said and even expressed my preference in agreement with timethief for no ads in the post itself, but I'm worried that the deal will include ads in both places as I saw on my blog today. I contribute to a Blogger blog and the ads there are like that and muck up my...sob...beautifully written and heartfelt advice posts.

    I was hoping WordPress would come to the rescue and negotiate something better for us. I guess I still am. Just wanted to know if it was set in stone already. Since I have no plans or desire to leave WordPress, I'll naturally take what comes. Just needed to air my preference once more. Thanks everyone!

  20. I suppose you could buy the CSS upgrade and disable the ads. If you knew how...................................:)

  21. Well, business is business so, I wouldn't be surprised to see a future option where one could pay for an "ad-free" blog upgrade.

    After all, paid upgrades are good for business and, offering this one given the right PR, could make it sound as if was "coming to the rescue" of those who don't want ads on their blogs. ;)

  22. lol ;)


  23. @atthe404
    {snicker} ... wicked idea ... I love it

    o.O ... I'm guessing I'll have to delete all my copy and paste "no advertising" responses soon real soon.

  24. The paid CSS upgrade does not, as far as I can tell, negate the ads. If it did, it would be hella more popular.

  25. Oh yes it could. :) I would just identify the container in the markup and then relocate the ads to somewhere less intrusive using position absolute or text indent. Somewhere like 5000px out of left field for example. :)

  26. Of course, they could just use random Div's with the same ID as the ad to stop this, but it has to show up somewhere. Might have to wipe out the footer or something ;)


  27. Ahhh .... yes, it was not intended but a bit of knowledge can make one creative with css indeed ;)

  28. at the 404: Surely using a 5000px shift would create a mahoosive horizontal scroll bar?

    Could you not use Display:none instead?

    It's a hell of a way to try and get rids of the ads though. Personally, the easiest way is just to stay signed in. You never see 'em then! ;)

  29. Well a descendant selector would evade that. It could be fun. But I have never seen an ad. If anyone has please grab the source code. :)

  30. {wicked laughter} what you can't see can't bother you can it C?

    {sniggering} give us an ad - we must have the source code ...

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