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Why does my webpage appear with wordpress google ads?

  1. I'm here to blog, not try and make seven pence a month from it!

    Exactly! If someone wants to make money, pay for a website and provide "real" content that people will pay for or at least flock to in the thousands. For AdSense to generate any significant revenue, the site would need extreme amounts of hits to get the rare persons that will click on an ad.

    I personally skip the ads and manually type in the address of the website the ad displays below it if I'm interested in seeing more. :x

  2. Be glad that WordPress is using the relatively unobtrusive Google ads.

    You didn't see the screenshot I posted earlier in the thread, then?

  3. Somehow I scrolled past that one. Those things are supposed to be using their own styles that makes the text much smaller. Did they strip it out so it uses the blog font, override the style for it, or something else to that effect?

  4. abbydonkrafts: it's perfectly reasonable for people to be upset about having ads on their blogs, particularly b/c they are:

    1) ugly
    2) clutter up a nice site that someone put a lot of effort into designing for their audience
    3) looks poor/tacky for a site that is non-profit, particularly a registered corporation (which will hopefully be my case in the next couple of months..currently in the process)
    4) totally inappropriate for many people given the audience (eg. kids/teens for mine)
    5) useless when the audience (see #4) is one that won't likely have the spending power anyways
    6) makes it look like I put the ads up there

    I'm quite happy to pay a reasonable amount of money to ensure that my blog stays ad free. had I not been an idiot and properly read through the tos when I started the blog last month, I wouldn't have signed on with wordpress because it's important that I don't have ads on my blog. it's a huge hassle to try to move it now and to be honest, I do think that there are many wonderful things about wordpress (services, options and the fantastic forum here with super helpful people..timethief and raincoaster in particular)'s got a great community feel

    so, it shouldn't be a case of 'the service is free so I'm crazy to expect no ads.' it's more a case of many people objecting to ads, so why not allow us to pay to keep them ad free? wordpress will generate more money that way anyways. both sides win. :)

  5. Paying to have them removed is understandable. Notice that you would be paying for the removal, so my remark about advertising on a "free" service would no longer apply. :-)

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