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Why does my WordPress tab have a number in front of it?

  1. Recently I've noticed that when I open this WordPress account, the WordPress tab has the number 6 in front of it.

    It looks like (6) -- browser name
    Blog url:

  2. That's because you're looking at the Reader and it has 6 new posts.

  3. Reader?

    It had (6) in front of it with all other tabs closed. I only had the "my blogs" page open, and this page. Then I changed to "Freshly Pressed" or one of the other pages and the (6) disappeared.

    When I then switched to "Reader, no number appeared in front of WordPress in the tab despite there being 7 posts.

  4. Ok, so you don't see the (6) now?

  5. Sometimes there seems to be a delay with respect to the number appearing or disappearing. I never saw it until a few weeks ago.

    My account appears to be set to open on the reader page. I don't know if that's a setting I have control over. So the (6) appears as soon as I log in. Switching the tab to "My Blogs" or on the other options should (I presume) immediately result in the the (6) disappearing. But sometimes it remains for a long time while I'm in "My Blogs."

    In my last message I noted that once the (6) was visible in "My Blogs" and disappeared when I switched to "Reader," the very opposite of what should happen.

    Perhaps a delayed reaction due to a browser issue?

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