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Why Does My YouTube Link Keep Disappearing?

  1. I was successful in posting a video link for YouTube ( once. I had followed the instructions posted in the forum and: bingo! It worked!

    But then I had to go back and edit my post after publishing and the video has disappeared. I repeat the linking functions, but nothing seems to work. I see the link as a URL when the Edit Post page opens up. But I can't even see the video freeze-frame in my Preview Pane. What's goin' on?!

    Take a look here:


  2. I looked at your page source and you put the entire Youtube code which won't go through. I did a search for Youtube here at the forum and found an old reply of mine explaining it and Drmike explains it too:

  3. Okay, I followed the instructions as mentioned (to "just plug in the eleven characters of the video") using the same code as provided -- not, apparently, the page URL, even though the page URL and the YT code are exactly the same. It worked initially. But everytime I edit the post (I know...I'm a perfectionist, LOL!) it keeps disappearing.

    I repeat the instructions, and: nada.

    Sorry for the constant questions about it. I'm just a newbie trying to make his way through the so-called blogosphere, lol.

    What gives?

  4. That's very weird indeed. You're not trying to edit the YouTube part of the post, are you? Just the text? Very strange. And you're using square brackets, right?

    I can't account for the strange vanishing, and I'm a total YouTube queen. Never seen that before.

    BTW: The reason you don't use the page URL for it is that sometimes the page URL isn't the same as the video URL; sometimes you come to it through a search or whatever, and that changes the URL.

  5. Please double check your post and make sure the code looks like the following:


    Nosy, WP changes the code from what's saved within the post and to what's displayed in the browser. The software modifies it into what is needed to get it to display correctly within a visitor's browser.

  6. Yeah. the code looks exactly like that, DrMike. I even cut and paste the one you offered. But still...I get nothing.


  7. You're putting the url of the video and not the url of the page:

    Hmmm. Strange. :(

  8. Nosy, please see my post. Your seeing what WordPress translates the code into. Only SOS and staff can see what's going on.

    SOS, if you feel comfortable with the idea, please add me in as an admin to your blog and I'll take a look see. [email removed - drmike]

    Aside: The pic in this post doesn't work. The site in question probably doesn't allow hotlinking.

  9. I just included a YouTube vid in a post folks might enjoy, at

    I've only done this a couple times. I had problems when I started, but I've found that if I'm in the html editor and it looks right in the html before I do the final SAVE or POST, there's never any problem. I've had problems only after using the other editor.

    I see there are other comments in YouTube threads here also advising use of the html editor. Maybe that should be added to the FAQ entry?

  10. I'm the YouTube queen and I've never once used the HTML editor. I haven't seen these comments you refer to, either. I do find it strange that anyone's getting these errors, but perhaps it's theme-dependent for some reason? I have simply never experienced it in Dusk theme.

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