Why does one of my categories suddenly link to a blank page?

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    I have had a category for a long time called “Derek’s faves” and all of a sudden a few months ago when I click on it I don’t get any blog posts back, but just a blank, broken page with no wordpress headers and certainly no blog posts. Here is the link:


    Any idea what could have broken this link? There don’t seem to be any other problems with the blog.
    Blog url: http://captious.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is captious.wordpress.com.



    It seems that the problem is now the apostrophe, as when I removed it it suddenly works again. And I have another category called “cook’s illustrated” that is also broken.

    Are apostrophe’s no longer allowed in category titles?



    Staff are tinkering with things, and this may be a side-effect. I’ll flag this for their attention.


    I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll be happy to take a closer look.

    I see that this category link works:


    In Posts -> Categories, what happens when you click Quick Edit for the Derek Faves category, then update the name to Derek’s Faves?

    On my WordPress.com test blog, when I create a post category with an apostrophe in the name, it omits that character.

    e.g. Bryan’s Faves turns into the category slug bryans-faves.



    I tried that and now it works. The slug is Dereks-faves. I used the quick edit on cook’s illustrated as well, and it changed the slug from the previous one (with the apostrophe) to the new one (without the apostrophe). Seems to have fixed the problem.

    But I imagine this problem will affect everyone who had old category names with apostrophes in them. Will everyone have to “re-save” the name in order to fix the slug?


    I tried that and now it works.

    Awesome, I’m glad to hear it.

    Will everyone have to “re-save” the name in order to fix the slug?

    Possibly. If I hear of any other reports, I’ll be sure to let our developers know to see if there’s a more automated fix.



    Okay, thanks very much for the lightening fast reply. I use a lot of different web services and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten such a fast and helpful reply from a “happiness engineer”! Usually I get no response at all, so this was a pleasant surprise.


    You’re welcome!

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