why does one of my pages loads up slower then the others?

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    why does one of my pages, that is not under any parent page, loads up slower then the others pages?

    The blog I need help with is leonokun.com.



    It seems that the new artwork page loads up much slower then the other pages …. why is that?


    …it’d help if you could give us a clue as to which page is giving you problems.

    This is my guess:

    The problem starts with your front page… the image is huge (+800k) and it’s sized wrong. The same thing with your ‘art instruction’ page, and your ‘new artwork page’ has way too many images, and they’re all waaaaay too large and sized wrong as well.

    Most of your images are more than 1M in size, they should be in the range of 60k to 300k, and they need to be sized properly.

    Otherwise, it’s a great site.


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    Those are huge files! You need to optimize them for the web before putting them online. Not only do such large images take a long time to load (and for folks with slower internet connections the page may even time-out before it finishes loading so you lose those potential readers), but it wastes your storage space. Yes, 3 GB is a lot of free storage space and you can have thousands of images in your library if they are properly compressed.
    Here is some more info about images on wp.com:


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    By the way, you can optimize images for the web to be perfectly fine and be under 50 KB. You definitely do not need files over 100 KB!


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    that the new artwork page

    It’s in the top navigation: http://leonokun.com/portrait-2/


    …I posted without hitting refresh, but I was right:

    …and your ‘new artwork page’ has way too many images,

    Not that I’m gloating. Just for reference, leonokun, my own images on my photo-blog are generally 200k-250k, but there’s only six of them on the main page. Photos on the other blogs never get above 100k.


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    Please, no reasons for anyone gloating: the point is that this is a community of volunteers helping other bloggers.

    One other thing I’ll add about posting images of well optimized size is that if someone wants to steal one or some, the small size makes them impossible to print in any large size. I mean, if someone wants postcards they could but for an art print to frame? not really.


    Agreed. Stay within the limits of the theme, and use a watermark:




    Thank you Johnnytesting and 1tess so much for help.
    I was wondering if it’s possible to re size my images without loosing data about them (Title, caption, Alter text)?
    again thank you very much for your time!



    Yes it’s possible. You go to Media > Library, click Edit next to each thumbnail, click the “Edit Image” tab, click “Scale Image”, change the width number* in the first field (the height will change in proportion), click Scale, click Update.

    * Your gallery images link to attachment pages when clicked, for example:
    The maximum width in this case is 860 pixels, so the number you should enter in the scaling tool is 860 or less.

    In the future, use an image editing application to downsize copies of your images to the approriate pixel width, and upload/insert these copies. In addition to the reasons already explained by Tess, this will also give you better quality on attachment pages, because images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness.



    Thank you Justpi!

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