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Why does only one image show up in my post with all the captions from the other images that don&#039

  1. I\'ve been uploading images in my blog for months. All of a sudden, when I insert the images and put a caption to the image, it shows up in my dashboard, but not when I preview my post. Just one image shows up with all the captions from all the images I uploaded.
    Another new thing, after I\'ve inserted the image with the caption, it takes me to the dashboard you know, and there is a hatched line around the image, but no image until I hit enter. ...that\'s when I see the image and caption, but not in my post preview.
    Please help. Thank you. JEnny
    Blog url:

  2. Is this just limited to Preview?

    Are the images there when you publish?

  3. it does it when i publish too thanks

  4. My dashboard tells me I'm using an outdated browser..internet that's the first I've seen of that.

  5. Which version of Internet Explorer are you using?

  6. seven i think...asking me to download 9...

  7. IE 7 has some pretty poor support for standard web coding practices. Is there any way that you can update to IE 9, or perhaps use one of the other browsers listed at ?

  8. it prompts me to download the IE9. I just dont want it to mess anything up if I do. do you think this could be the issue? I haven't had any problems until recently Thank you

  9. It's up to you. Upgrading is advised but IE9 is also very different from very old Internet Explorer versions, so it may take some getting used to.

    If you don't want to upgrade, you can stick with your current browser version, but some functions on some websites may not work for you.

  10. ok, I have someone I can ask about the upgrade. I still don't understand why this image thing is happening. Why would it all of a sudden happen? I appreciate your time, thank you.

  11. It's entirely possible that the image thing is related to an outdated version of IE. I'm unable to reproduce it myself, and I can't downgrade my copy of IE to test.

    Instead of upgrading IE, you can try installing one of the other browsers at to check.

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