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Why does Reader show video rather than first image?

  1. I have a draft post in which there are a number of picture images, and lastly, an embedded YouTube video.

    When I published it, I noticed the video was shown as the main featured image on Reader, but I was actually expecting the first picture image on the post to be shown.

    Is this a setting I can change, or does Reader automatically show the video in terms of hierarchy?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know why that is and it also annoys me. I select a thumbnail sized image and the exact teaser text I want to be displayed in the excerpt and insert "the more tag". I expect that to be respected but it isn't, so I'm tagging this thread for a Staff response as to why what we bloggers choose is disrespected. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Thanks Timethief... you are as helpful as ever.
    Lets hope for a good response. Do you think there is a quick solution on the cards, or should I go ahead and publish my posts using hyperlinks for now while WP work out if there is a fix they can make (I would guess these things take time). A bit crappy I know, but I have two follow on posts which I want published asap as part one is out there all alone :(
    Thanks again, Uncle Spike :)

  4. If you set a featured image (a screenshot from the video or something else) for the post, that will be what is shown in the Reader.

  5. Afraid not Jackie, but thanks for the suggestion.
    I always use Featured Image as a way of controlling which image from a post is shown on my Home page, but WP Reader just ignores that, and uses the first image contained in the post. I can normally manage that by ensuring my first image is the one I want to be shown, but WP Reader seems to automatically select the video, even where there is a Featured Image and also there are other still images on the post before the video.
    Hey ho
    Uncle Spike

  6. Please provide a link to a recent post where you have a video and a featured image set (or just images that overrode the featured image) that did not appear correctly in the Reader, and I will investigate this further for you.

  7. As I seriously didn't want the video on Reader, I replaced the embedded video with a hyperlink and republished the offending post. A bit naff I know, but had to be done.

    A new post, scheduled for tomorrow at 10am (Turkish time, so GMT+2) has a Featured Image, and two other images in the post which appear before the embedded video. Lets see what shows on Reader...

    The post will be as follows:-

    Thanks :)

  8. For what it's worth, I see these two posts in the Reader:

    The first one is displaying your featured image; the second is displaying the first image in your post.

  9. In that first post Jackie, the Featured Image is the same as the first image anyway. The second post isn't mine...

  10. Oops, sorry about that! For some reason I thought it was your blog.

    Well, we'll keep an eye on this. Please let me know when your post goes live.

  11. Ok Jackie, there we go. The post I mentioned has now been published. It has a Featured Image, and two other images in the post which appear before the embedded video. WP Reader has again ignored both those facts and gone with the video instead.

  12. Okay I've done some testing and digging around.

    I have discovered that on, the intended behavior for a post with an embedded video is to prioritize the video for the featured image, over a regular image. The only post formats where this doesn't happen are Gallery and Image formats.

    I think it may work a little differently with different video types, but this is definitely how it works with YouTube.

    So if you have a YouTube video embedded in your post, it's going to be what shows up in the Reader, and that's by design.

  13. Ok, so just as I thought. Apart from purchasing Videopress, do you happen to know if other video hosting sites (rather than YouTube) would be treated any differently by Reader? Or, can you suggest a contact email or something that I can pose this question to the WP tech support team?

    Thanks for your help, Ali

  14. All embedded videos should function the same way, and that's by design.

    You could try wrapping a still image with a link to YouTube or something else as a workaround, but otherwise I don't think I have a better solution for you.

  15. All right, we'll leave it at that then Jackie. Many thanks for your help. (I was an IT analyst and programmer for years, so I quite respect the limitations by design).
    Regards, Uncle Spike

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