Why does sort by link-id fail to work?

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    I have written you about this more than 48 hours ago, but have gotten no reply yet.
    My site, http://dailypsychedelicvideo.com/ has a side bar links widgets which displays last month’s most viewed videos. I change the links manually every first of the month according to site stats, and update them on the site. However, for some reason today when I changed the links I noticed that they are sorted by title – meaning not from most viewed to least viewed (which is the order i sort them) but alphabetically (which obviously makes no sense).
    I have tried looking at the links widget and change the “sort by” option again and again. Random sorting work, and so does “sort by title”. However the “sort by Link ID” does not work.
    What could be the problem and how can I fix it?
    Blog url: http://dailypsychedelicvideo.wordpress.com/



    Thanks for reporting this. I am able to recreate the issue. Just to confirm, did sorting by link ID work properly last month (the last time you updated the list)?

    We have noted this issue for further investigation, and we will let you know when we have some news.


    Thank you for answering.
    To your question, yes, sorting by Link ID did work properly last month, which was the lat time I updated the list.
    Looking forward to more news…



    I’m sorry for the delay, we’re still looking into this.

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