Why does text shift after being saved on my new post?

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    I finish my post and save it. Next time I look at it text has shifted and a thin column of it has been brought up into the narrow space between two adjacent photos. Using the enter button I push this text down to below the two photos, leaving a little margin between them. I save this version. Next time I look it’s shifted again.

    The blog I need help with is tinatinajohnson.wordpress.com.



    Your blog is marked private so it’s hard to see exactly what the issue is. My guess, is that in code your text is getting placed between the photos. Have you tried editing the text and then adding photos or vice versa?


    Thanks. I will try varying the procedure next time I hit this trouble, editing text and adding photos in different order. The maddening thing is that when I access the post thru my dashboard sometimes it’s all muddled up, with the text squidged in between 2 photos, and sometimes it’s exactly the way I want it. So for this particular post I give up – I’ll just hope my followers get the good version. For subsequent posts I will try your advice.


    Oh, and I’ve made it public now.



    “Enter” does not create line breaks in actual blog posts, as you have discovered. You will have to add those via code: either /br or /div code.



    Setting the alignment of an image to left or right means that the rest of the content should wrap around (that is, start next to the image, if there’s room enough). To prevent that from happening after such an image, you need to switch the editor to Text (=code) and enclose the first paragraph that follows the image in this code:
    <p style="clear:both;">TEXT HERE</p>


    Fantastic! Thanks so much.

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