Why does the caption on images fall off the page?

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    The captions are in place yet when the page is saved and I view it “finished” the cutlines (captions) aren’t all there to read. I’ve tried adjusting the size of the images 80% – fiddling with it numerous times to no avail. This didn’t always seem to be a problem, yet now it is.
    Blog url: http://donmooreswartales.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is donmooreswartales.com.



    Can you take a full, uncropped screenshot where you’re seeing this, upload the image to your Media Library, and link to the File URL with your reply to this forum thread?

    I’ve viewed the following URLs on your site using Google Chrome 22.0.1229.94:


    Hi Bryan –
    This is Mary Auenson, I manage Don’s War Tales site. Mostly I muddle through. Don is the veteran journalist and has nothing much to do with the website except he can go in and make corrections in the copy, delete or add to. He would never insert images, etc.

    I added the screen shot of Meehan’s story. Please don’t judge me by how many tabs I have up. (!)

    If it doesn’t conflict with your policy, I’d appreciate a response to my email, which is (email redacted) but if you must go through Don, then that’s ok, too.

    I hope you can resolve this problem.

    Thank you, much –

    Mary Auenson


    Bryan – I’ve put another screen capture up – it’s a story that went up today and it’s simply awful on how the caption does’t fit the space & the image seems askew as well.

    By the way, if you need confirmation of who I am so you could email the notification to me, if you go to “About the Author” and I’m the Mary Don mentions.

    Thank you –


    Hi Mary, thanks for your reply!

    We can only discuss things regarding the blog with a user on the blog in Users -> All Users, and we don’t allow sharing accounts.

    My best suggestion is to create a new WordPress.com username–only account with your email address, then from the “talesfromthefront” account, go to Users -> Invite New in the dashboard to invite the other username to the blog.

    The reason why the image caption was going outside the content area is because the maximum width for the DePo Masthead theme is 604 pixels, and the way that particular image was inserted exceeded that.

    If you can give me the steps you originally took to insert the images that resulted in the captions being cut off?

    Also, please try the following steps to fix things:

    1. Remove the image from the affected post in the dashboard visual editor. (This won’t delete the image from the Media Library, just its reference in the post so it won’t be displayed.)
    2. Insert your cursor in the editor where you want the photo to be displayed.
    3. Click the Add Media button next to Upload/Insert.
    4. In the Add Media window, click Gallery (which will display the media attached to the post)
    5. Click Show for the image you need to re–insert
    6. In the Size options, choose Full Size, then click Insert into Post
    7. Click the Preview button in the Publish module, and if all looks well, click Update on the Edit Post screen

    For 2–7, I’ve annotated a screenshot here:




    Bryan –

    FIrst off, thank you for your response. I can’t figure out how to add me as a user. I’ll fiddle with it later when I have more time.

    Secondly, Don and I don’t “share” the account. I merely post his stories and pictures on Word Press for him. Also I do editing and corrections because in spite of his 50 years of journalism, he can’t spell.

    Thank you, again –

    Mary A

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