why does the contact info part of my ABOUT page not work correctly?

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    On my about page, when I try to click in the box to contact the artist it just enlarges my photo from that page.

    The blog I need help with is rockonrocksouthcoast.wordpress.com.



    Certainly odd! Happened to me in Chrome 34 and in FF 28 by just putting the cursor in the comment box.

    I’ve tagged this for Staff assistance. They’ve got a backlog of threads marked for their help, so be patient and most importantly, don’t bump this thread (even to respond to me) unless you have new information to give them. Bumping the thread pushes it further down in the waiting list.



    You have a link with an image URL wrapped around the contact-form shortcode, you need to remove it. Flip to Text view to see it.

    Be sure to test the form after and make sure you’re receiving the results by email.

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