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why does the image not show up after upload with the widget in the image field?

  1. the image-widget does not upload my pic from my computer (it does show up in the image editing stage, though) onto the right column as indicated as location. It only works for uploads into the main text area. Uploading pics from a website works well. I am using the German version of wordpress. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're confusing uploading with inserting. The Image widget isn't an uploader: it only inserts an image via URL (that is, the image must already be uploaded somewhere on the net). You upload the image from your computer to your blog via Media > Add New, copy the File URL you'll get, paste that URL in the widget.

    Note: Make sure the images you use in Image widgets are the right pixel width. When an image is wider than the sidebar, the theme automatically downsizes it to make it fit, but some browser versions don't understand this and may distort the image or display it in its actual size.

  3. Thanks justpi. The image WAS already in a file on my HD. I could also insert it into my main text. But the widget did not put it onto the dedicated image-area on the right column of my theme, where it should appear. I managed to insert an image from the web instead. But I want to use pics from my computer HD. Any ideas?? (I also tested different image formats). Cheers.

  4. You're welcome. I've already answered your question: you go to the dashboard of your blog, click Media > Add New, upload the image from your computer, copy the File URL you'll get, paste that URL in the image widget.

  5. rosewithoutthorns

    I have a problem with using the image widget in the right side bar. Even after using the image URL, the only thing that shows up is the alternative text and not the image!

    The blog in question is

    please help me! thanks!

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