Why does this png look strange?

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    Hi all,

    I often use transparent pngs for graphics on my website callmekuchu.com. But I recently uploaded a new transparent png and it seems to be displaying strangely. You can see it here: http://callmekuchu.com/awards/ As you’ll see, you can’t really make out any of the detail or read anything. BUT if you click on the graphic (which is still hyperlinked to the image) you can see that it then displays properly. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

    I have a similar file on the home page: callmekuchu.com, and you can see it’s displaying properly. Another example: you can see the difference between earlier pngs and a more recent one here: http://callmekuchu.com/screenings/ (The Jerusalem Film Festival laurel is displaying strangely, while the rest seem fine).

    Could it be something to do with my export settings in Adobe Illustrator? I’ve tried a bunch of settings now, but might have missed something so any ideas would be helpful. Or could it be an RGB/CMYK thing? I’ve noticed WordPress doesn’t seem to like CMYK…

    Any and all advice or suggestions would be much appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is callmekuchu.com.



    Yes, the one reason is RGB.
    The other reason is that images downsized by WP lose quality – see here:
    Your “web_laurels” image is displayed at a width of 640px (the width of the page column in Structure) while the original is an impossible 7049px wide image. Same with the images on the other page (for instance, “jerusalem_laurels” is 3600px wide, displayed version 200px).
    So, for best results make the images RGB, and downsize them to the desired displayed width before uploading them. And the right application for this kind of thing isn’t Illustrator, it’s Photoshop.
    Still, the “web_laurels” image won’t ever display satisfactorily at 640px: too much detail for that size. You should reconsider and maybe arrange the individual banners in two rows of three or three rows of two, so that they won’t have to be downsized too much to fit the 640 of the theme.

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