Why does WordPress add double blank lines to my word doc when I hit insert?

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    This refers to pages on my website not a blog. Website was developed with a wordpress template by my devloper, not me.

    Problem with cutting and pasting from Word 2010. My docs looks perfect when i cut and paste into your Word icon, but when I hit insert, it adds double blank lines to every line.
    Word press has been around for a long time, how come this problem hasn’t been fixed?

    The blog I need help with is everythingtoknow.wordpress.com.


    Use the paste from Word icon on the lower tool bar in the editor (although this isn’t a sure-fire way to get around this issue), or switch to the “text” tab and paste it in there so that it will strip out all he Word code and then format the text in the WordPress editor.

    Word is a word processor for print media, not for web use, and it generates HORRIBLE code. The WordPress implementation of the TinyMCE editor automatically filters out the bulk of Word code, but the issue with two blank lines between paragraphs is the direct result of using two returns in the Word document to create paragraph spacing. The TinyMCE editor reads that as an additional blank paragraph in between. The correct (or better) way in Word is to set a space after paragraphs (style) and then you just hit return once at the end of a paragraph and Word inserts 12pt or whatever of space between the paragraphs.

    This isn’t only an issue with WordPress’s implementation of the TinyMCE editor, I can show you the same behavior in Joomla and Drupal.

    Word is a webmaster/web designer’s worst nightmare – I am one of those and I know.

    My suggestion, if you want a Word-like writing experience when composing posts is to get Windows Live Writer, which is a free download and is very “Word” like, and it also creates solid, compliant code for the web, and you can even publish your stuff directly from WLW with no need at all to copy and paste.



    Thanks so much for the Windows Live Writer suggestion. I will download it and hopefully it will save me hours of editing in WordPress. I still don’t understand why when I click the Word icon in the editor and paste into it, it looks perfect. If WordPress has a problem becuiase Word is not Internet compatible, then it shouldn’t look like Word in the Word Icon Window either.



    I just downloaded win live writer and I get message unable to connect to the Remote Server when trying to sign in to Windows Live ID. The error message tells me I have received an unexpected error while trying to log in to the remote server. It tells me to check my proxy and firewall to ensure it is setup correctly.

    I checked N360 and it is allowing Win Live.

    I created a new Live ID and same problem
    Windows Live ID Forum isn’t helping

    Also I don’t want to receive email online I want to continue to receive all email in Outlook on my desktop

    Thanks for your help

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