Why does wordpress advise between 2-5 tags?

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    wordpress says to increase traffic to keep your tags from 2-5 on each post. wouldnt more tags create more traffic to your blog? I’m not sure I understand. Why less tags?



    Can you provide a link to where you read that? WordPress itself uses more tags than that on its own blog posts.

    I can certainly understand them advising people to keep the tags down; some people are using them to sort of overload the system and get attention when the tags or categories they’re using have nothing at all to do with the content of the blog post. That’s called tag spamming, and it’s enough to get a blog suspended. But I certainly wouldn’t worry about up to a dozen tags, provided it’s on something you have original content on. If it’s just a YouTube video someone else did, pimping it out with a million tags looks rather desperate and cheezy. 2-5 would work better in that case. If you’ve added some real content in there, add what tags or categories seem appropriate to you. Think of it from the reader’s perspective. If it’s a post about the Police Academy movies and you don’t actually mention OJ Simpson by name, tagging it “Football” is wrong, even if he was in the movie, just for an example.



    We do not define the number of tags.

    Things I do see:
    – more tags than words in the actual post which is nonsense.
    – dozens of tags per post
    – absolutely inappropriate tagging. One the other day discussed some serious and sad events yet the person had used every tag in their blog including jokes, stories, recipes.

    But what raincoaster says is fine.



    here is the link,


    looks under the paragraph, “use appropriate tags”

    and I agree, I can’t stand people who use tags that have NOTHING to do with their article. very cheap and very desperate for hits.



    Hello, I am new at this blogging world and more so technology illiterate. Please bare with me.

    I am finally STARTING to understand the purpose of the Tags. Yet to understand how to use it to its potential to drive the appropriate traffic to the blog. And is there a way of hiding your tags so it would not show on every post?




    You cannot hide your tags unless you purchase an upgrade and then set their visibility via CSS. Although, that would be strongly discouraged by WP.com staff, since the tags are there for everyone and you’d be getting an unfair advantage (having others link to you but not you link to others).



    Perhaps this will be of help to you when it comes to tagging http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/09/21/the-difference-between-tags-and-categories/



    > I can’t stand people who use tags that have NOTHING to do with their article.

    come on ;-) all that jazz is an inevitable unwanted side effect of the Automattic Global Tags(tm) system.

    1. to whom do the tags those people you can’t stand create belong? Are they not theirs?
    2. don’t they dare muck with the name choices that they make for tags of their own, do they?
    3. do they force anyone to hit their pages?

    > tags are there for everyone

    yes, they are for everyone, that’s for sure — you can’t opt it out. however, you won’t find any mention of such a “compulsory use” neither in the ToS, nor at least on the ‘Features’ page.

    you do find it as an obligatory condition for the VIP blogs hosted on .com, although quite a few of them (mostly those which are shown in the “Top WordPress.com blogs” dashboard section almost everyday), incidentally, don’t seem to be in a hurry to “participate in our gobal tags conversation” (thus also passing on their PR).

    heck, it turns out that tags (global ones) are not for everyone, then? — oh, well, we just forgot that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others“, you know.

    > and you’d be getting an unfair advantage (having others link to you but not you link to others).

    how comes that I‘m having others link to me? and, all the more, in what way I’d be getting an unfair advantage?

    * if you want link to me, then you can do it just placing a link somewhere on your blog. if you don’t, I can’t force you to do that;

    * even if I (being logged in) leave a legit comment on your blog (thus quite possibly contributing into it), I won’t be linked from your blog in this case — because wordpress.com forcibly sets all URIs in comments, including a comment author’s one, as ‘nofollow’ed ones — such (legit) links are not counted by the search engines;

    * a blog style can hide a link to Global Tags pages only from an eyeball looking into a CSS-aware browser, it cannot from the googlebot (hot nacho scandal), which is not such and therefore this link still will be counted;

    * and they are indeed counted:
    login into your ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ dashboard and make sure yourself there is no just a singe link pointing to any page of your site from the Global Tags;

    now check PR of your blog and compare it with any of the Global Tags pages you are forced to link into. can you see the difference?




    and the education goes on and on and … ;)




    just brilliant, disembedded!

    nice library and so lovely <del>tagged</del> lumped post.

    subscribed to ‘Cho Sueng-Hui’ — unforgettable, would you mind if I post there some of the free flow of lucidity that dawns me up sometimes?



    Thanks for the help everyone. It seems like I have a long way to go. Especially after reading your reply ‘Option’. As I have no idea what you were talking about? he he.

    As I mentioned I am new at this game and still trying to figure out the main use of the tags let alone how to use them etc.



    driving on a soft shoulder makes the way pretty long. easy does it wins the race.

    former Categories (hereafter aka Tags) were intended to aid in navigation on your blog by grouping together your other Posts of similar content.

    the main use of former Categories was to help your readers to find other similar tagged Posts on your blog.

    now each post in WordPress.com is filed under one or more Taggegories, and all of them lead to .com global tags pages only, thus breaking navigation on the blog of your own.

    so, yeah that might be a game, but the rules are far from clear — hence the win is so elusive then.

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