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Why Does WordPress Charge for Edits?

  1. I've been using wordpress for a while now... before wordpress I was using Blogger. The only reason I switched is because of the ease to create new pages within your blog (/about) however there is one thing that really drives me crazy, and I don't understand it. Blogger would let me edit my html until the cows came home, and it gave me the ability to make my blog my own, as opposed to looking like everyone elses. Why is it that wordpress can't offer this for free also?? why do I have to pay 15 bucks if I want my site to be different???

  2. You only pay if you want to change the CSS on the blog, not for making changes to the content of pages, or making new pages.

    I think you've misunderstood what they are asking you to pay for :)

  3. no if you read closely i talk about changing html.. i realize i dont need to pay to create pages or add posts, but if i want to change a background color or something, i do have to pay, thats crazy, why does blogger offer this free but wordpress cant

  4. All the theme files here are shared. If you were allowed to alter them, it would alter the theme for everyone else using that particular theme. This is a multi-user platform.

  5. Even if you pay, you can't change the html coding of your page, only the CSS. If those services are important to you and you don't want to pay, then you can always go back to blogger. WordPress (like blogger) is a free service - they're not obliged to offer you anything.

    There are a number of themes that you can customise with header images and colours, if you want something personal.

  6. Also, you only have to pay once to alter the CSS--once you get your blog the way you like it, you can let the change subscription lapse. They won't revert your blog to the way it was.

    If you aren't the sort to constantly tweak, this is a reasonable cost, given no hosting fees.

    There are some very flexible themes available free, too.

  7. Actually membracid the last I heard was that it now does lapse and revert to the original if you do not keep paying.

  8. Yes, I can vouch for that. I let one blog go past the one-year mark just to see if it would revert, and it did.

  9. /nod to tsp

    Yes, Mark clarified that a few months ago.

  10. WHAT??? That is totally opposite of what I had understood to be the case.
    Damn it.

  11. Seriously. Now I'm really annoyed.
    There was a clear statement earlier:

    I really think this needs to be publicized more, since had I not stumbled upon this, I would have just discovered it by logging in one day and finding a completely different looking blog.


  12. Yes, it was clearly stated, but was equally clear in the subsequent thread that he simply mis-stated the fact. We're all wrong from time to time.

    I wish it were otherwise too, though. I have a renewal notice in my dashboard for a blog I'm not using right now and have made private and as much as I'd like it to remain the way I made it look -- just in case -- it won't happen.

  13. I don't mind the mistake--heaven knows I make plenty of those. :)

    But it would be handy if it was spelled out more clearly somewhere--I am over the potential shock now, since I had blissfully (and incorrectly) assumed the early statement was still the case.
    And that would have sucked, had I not found this out.

  14. lol. so is it still a reasonable cost now, membracid?

  15. @membracid - I agree it should be spelled out somewhere. The FAQ entry about the CSS upgrade seems like a logical first step to me.

  16. I will have to decide if $15 every year is reasonable, Puresecrets.
    It means it isn't free hosting anymore....hmmm.

  17. WP takes with one hand, but gives with another.

    On my first blog, I paid the fee for the extra image storage. Now that additional storage is free, so I don't have to renew it.

    Sometimes things work out.

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