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Why does wordpress keep messing the formatting up?

  1. I have a problem that is driving me up the wall. Every time I set my post to arial font then save wordpress keep messing up and insisiting on putting a thousand <span> </span>s in after every little pause. Even when I remove them in html mode as soon as I click back into normal view it puts all the spans back and my post is in two(sometimes more) different fonts and often different sizes as well. I am NOT copying from word. The only thing I am copying is <font face=arial> from other posts.
    This problem is rendering writing posts absolutely impossible and infuriating.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The code for a section or a complete post should be like that:
    <div style="font-family:arial;">YOUR_TEXT_HERE</div>
    (The span tag is best used for isolated words or phrases within a paragraph.)

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