Why does WordPress not work with Safari? Safari won’t publish WordPress but it d

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    Why is it that I cannot publish a post with the Safari browser? A techie came to my house today and downloaded the brand new Safari………. and I find now that I have to use Firefox to blog with WordPress. What a bummer. Are the tech people able to fix this??

    The blog I need help with is lornakismet.wordpress.com.




    Are you referring to Safari 4.0? I have all browsers installed (for testing pages that I work on) and I have just now tried posting a blog with my Safari browser and it works. I’m using in on Windows 7 by the way. Are you by any chance on a Mac?



    I’m also able to publish using 4 Public Beta (528.16) on a Windows Vista Platform. –jim


    I’m having no issues on my end, am also using Windows 7.



    Hi Lorna,

    I’ve posted from Safari before and I’m a Mac user. At what point is the error occurring? What error are you getting?



    I post regularly from a Mac using Safari 3 and I have no issues publishing posts.

    There are some minor issues I’ve discovered between Safari and the editor and I’ve alerted staff to those and hope they are resolved soon. They aren’t issues that most people would run into though, and there are simple workarounds. If and when someone runs into one of the issues I’ve found, and posts in the forum, I’ll give the workarounds.



    Well, shamefacedly, I report back to all of you kind people that it does work. Somehow, something went screwy and I concluded the wrong thing. All is well and I thank you all. :-) Lornakismet.wordpress.com



    its true. itdoes work

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