Why Does WordPress Shorten My Code for a Text Widget?

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    I am trying to enter a button for Pinterest (other word press blogs have it). When I add the code in the ext widget (Follow Me on Pinterest!) it shortens it to (Follow Me on Pinterest!) so the link works but there is no button.

    I’d really like a button. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is offtheeatenpathblog.com.



    To display code here you need to enclose it in backticks (see the note on “allowed markup”).


    Sorry I’m new. Where could I find that note?




    To the left of the reply field.


    Sorry one more question. Could you please write out how it would look? I tried to enclose in backticks as you suggested and it is still not working.

    Follow Me on Pinterest!



    “To display code here” meant here in the forum, so we can see the code and tell you what’s going on with it.


    Woops. Here:

    <a data-pin-do="buttonFollow" href="http://pinterest.com/chrissiebeth5/">Follow Me on Pinterest!</a>



    “data-pin-do” isn’t a recognized HTML attribute: it’s probably associated with a javascript script (which we’re not allowed to use on wordpress.com), so it’s meaningless by itself and it’s stripped out.

    If you want a Pinterest button in your sidebar, you can copy a Pinterest logo to your computer, upload it to your blog, and use it in an Image widget or a Text widget.
    If you want a Pin It button under your posts, you can do it in Settings > Sharing.

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