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Why does WP reduce the quality of my header img?

  1. When I first uploaded my custom header it was about 60k .png image. After the crop it got turned into a .jpg file at about 15k. I can understand that it may have something to do with bandwidth consumption, but the quality is horrible.

    Next, I took my original picture and reduced it to about 15k, but when I uploaded that one it still got degraded. Why is this happening? And whiy do I have to crop an image that is already 750x140 pix (Contempt theme)?

  2. i.. don't know.
    it doesn't seem to be a size issue. mine is 99.79 KB
    i am using a .png, though, which is harder to compress. try saving as a png before uploading.

  3. I have a custom header, created using Fireworks, but I exported it from Fireworks as a jpeg first, then uploaded this to WP. Seems to work fine and WP only took a few 3KBs off me! :)

  4. Well, the first image uploaded was a png image and it got turned into a jpg of REALLY low quality. No idea why. it may have something to do with the theme.

    i might have to submit a feedback tomorrow.

    sunburntkamel, your header is a jpg too. guess wp auto-converts to jpg. dunno why yours is good.
    are you a paying member by any chance?

    i know this post is a mess but i'm tired and i can barely think straight

  5. @bbb, again the theme is not the same as mine

  6. It tried to crop mine as well using the Sapphire theme even though it was the correct size. Never heard anything on the issue so I just added it into the CSS and moved on.

  7. We recently updated the custom header code due to complaints about file sizes increasing. The new code generates JPEG files at 75% quality.

  8. @drmike: if i don't crop all i get is a black box instead of the image

  9. Andy, what about the crop issue when one isn't needed?

  10. i'll have to come back tomorrow to finish this as i'm expected back home and as i said i'm tired

    thanks for trying to help, i hope this can be fixed

  11. drmike, when I upoaded my header I had to drag the crop tool across my image, so that it was effectively cropping the whole image, or rather none of it.

    What I mean is there was no option to miss out the cropping part of the upload procedure.

  12. That's the issue I raised as well.

  13. Something I mean to do with the cropper is test the image size and accept it as-is if it matches the theme's header image size. Good things come to those who wait, right? Expect it in the next few days.

  14. Yayyy!

  15. andy:
    "Something I mean to do with the cropper is test the image size and accept it as-is if it matches the theme's header image size. Good things come to those who wait, right? Expect it in the next few days."

    Does that mean that it won't reduce the quality of the image to 75%, or it will just skip the crop part?

  16. is there any new info regarding this?

  17. Can I at least link to an off site image hosted on sites as photobucket or flickr? that would be very acceptable on my side.

  18. I just made a change to the custom header resizer which should make the images *much* higher quality than they used to be. Try it out and see what you think.

  19. YEAH! off to do ... edit: I just tried several on my test blog and all were vastly improved - good work Matt. :)

  20. Should I re-upload (if that's a word!) my header image then?

  21. If you want to.

  22. Will the quality of my header improve? Actually, I have uploaded a new header. But for others, if the upload their header again will the quality improve for them?

  23. I was offline for a couple of days and there is already progress made :) and just 3h from my last post :D

    I uploaded again and i see no difference. my original image is still MUCH sharper, and the crop step is still unavoidable :/

  24. Hmmm... I don't remember checking it as resolved.

  25. I sure didn't check it as resolved

  26. *shrug* Probably a staff member did it when they saw that Matt post about how he made a change to the code.

    Would love to help but I don't have backend access.

  27. well, maybe we'll get an option to not edit the header when updating so it stays the same...

  28. I just tried it with the Contempt theme and, while it still made me do the crop, it did take the entire image.

  29. drmike, the entire image does show, it just looks severely crippled

  30. Have you tried optimizing and resizing it so it fits into a post and then uploading it into a post? (The FAQs has a section on image optimizing.) The reason I'm asking you this is because it could be that what you have as far as header clarity goes is what you're going to get. If so then it may be wise to make contingency plans rather than being distracted from your other work by just focusing on the header. This is just a suggestion - please do not bite my head off for making it. :)

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