Why does WP reduce the quality of my header img?

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    If you want to.


    Will the quality of my header improve? Actually, I have uploaded a new header. But for others, if the upload their header again will the quality improve for them?


    I was offline for a couple of days and there is already progress made :) and just 3h from my last post :D

    I uploaded again and i see no difference. my original image is still MUCH sharper, and the crop step is still unavoidable :/



    Hmmm… I don’t remember checking it as resolved.


    I sure didn’t check it as resolved



    *shrug* Probably a staff member did it when they saw that Matt post about how he made a change to the code.

    Would love to help but I don’t have backend access.


    well, maybe we’ll get an option to not edit the header when updating so it stays the same…



    I just tried it with the Contempt theme and, while it still made me do the crop, it did take the entire image.


    drmike, the entire image does show, it just looks severely crippled



    Have you tried optimizing and resizing it so it fits into a post and then uploading it into a post? (The FAQs has a section on image optimizing.) The reason I’m asking you this is because it could be that what you have as far as header clarity goes is what you’re going to get. If so then it may be wise to make contingency plans rather than being distracted from your other work by just focusing on the header. This is just a suggestion – please do not bite my head off for making it. :)



    Andy: I am sure you may have taken care of this, but I’d still like to clarify something about the 75% quality setting. As far as I know, there is no quantitative concensus about what 75% really means. In fact, 75% on Paint Shop Pro equals 25% on the IJG scale, so I would just like to verify which software you are using to determine the quality.

    Since equinox’s 60K (lossless compressed) file went to 15K (lossy compressed), I would assume that you are using something similar to 75% on the IJG scale. Also, if possible, JPEG2000 will probably be better than JPEG at reducing the bit rate with a more graceful degradation in picture quality.



    I have to say I can understand equinox’s frustration–tweaking pixels in Illustrator and finding them all, well, pixellated after upload, is very annoying. I found some magic upload trick that improved the quality slightly, but I don’t remember what it was–perhaps I used jpg instead of gif.

    I’d also like to put in a vote for a no-crop, use the original image option…



    Yeah, I’ve been, I’ve seen and I sympathize.


    timethief, i’ve tried different file types and it’s the same result all the time.

    and i have been doing other things, but i would really like to have the header unedited



    What image editing software are you using to create the header?


    Xara Xtreme (vector)


    Any news on this issue?


    I just saw the announcement about the custom header improvement.

    Still doesn’t work for me.



    equinoxstudio – could you send the file(s) to support@wordpress.com?
    We can then see just what and how this is happening so our advice can be specific.



    There’s a second thread on this same topic here http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3884&replies=8

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