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Why does WP ruin the quality of my header?

  1. Is there a way to solve this problem?

    It's pretty annoying.

  2. Please check the search box where you will find the answer to this question that has been asked before or as drmike says "search is your friend". :)

  3. That and asking "What book am I currently holding in front of the monitor?" as no details are given by the original poster.

    That's a hint by the way. :)

  4. Yeah sorry I'm a newbie ^^''

    Details I can give you.. I'm using the "connections" theme.

    And I've read the other topics, but there is no way to solve this problem! ^^''

  5. actually more like what's the original header image like, what has been changed, can you post the original some where so we can see it, original file name, does it change the file extention, etc.

    There is another thread on the topic and Matt said that somet things are being done to uploaded header images but we had another thread where someone was trying to upload a *cough* 2.1meg image as a header image so there are reasons for it.

    I am needing to go home so I'll be back tomorrow. I'm sure other folks will be happy to help if needbe. :)

  6. Ok! Well...

    original header image: the "Connections" one, "just-train.jpg" uploaded here:

    what has been changed: I made a new header with Photoshop, so everything. Here you can see the .jpg version, 119kb, 741x143:

    and here you can see the after-upload one, low quality, .jpg, 78kb:

    So, no, I'm not trying to upload a 2,1mb header :D

  7. anyone? °.°

  8. No, but it's 119kb. That's still quite large. About 50 seconds on dial up.

  9. Ok, I tried to upload a 47,1kb, is it enough?

    Well, quality ruined, again ^^'

    I'm sorry but I hate to see my header ruined like that! >__<

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