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Why doesn't any text show up when my posts are shared?

  1. I am having a problem with sharing on my posts. When, for instance, the Facebook share button is clicked from one of my posts, no description or text shows up at all from the post. Only the title and a photo. ??? I can't figure out why. I have several other wordpress blogs, and none of them have this issue; they all show text when sharing via facebook and other social media sites.

    here's my latest post, you can click the facebook share button and see what I mean:

    How do I fix this so that some of the post content shows up when it's shared?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi There!

    I found a solution to your matter by testing it on my blog..

    My discovery was If you use the share button then only the image and title gets sent to Facebook but if you change the button to default the text will show up also...

    So you will need to go to settings -> Sharing ->click on the Facebook button then choose the defualt button option then click update at the bottom of the screen...

    I also made a screen shot that shows the steps by number for you.


  3. That's awesome and worked - thanks!!!

  4. Do you happen to know if I can also add a FB "like" button. I would love to have both a like and a share button, but seems to be you have to choose one.

  5. I don't know if the like button is broken but I thought when the like button was pressed the user would share the article link on their facebook profile I may be wrong...

    I tested the like button on a different computer using my Wifes Facebook account the button updated how many pressed the like button but no sharing option happen...

  6. Hmmm ... as a person who does not want or have a FB page I can't replicate this :(

  7. No, the Like button should post a notice on your FB page, yes, but it should NOT show up the same as if you clicked Share. No new tab opens up.

  8. @srseale: I couldn't help but notice that I answered your question on your previous thread, before realizing it was already answered here.

    Just a reminder that you can check out your previous topics by clicking on "Welcome, (your name)" on top, or by clicking on the word "Member" under your username in these forums. So, no need to duplicate thread. Thanks :-)

  9. @rain
    Nothing shows up on the facebook wall not even the fact my wife like the post status

    Also thank you for confirming about the pop up window not showing and the fact the share option isn't the same...

  10. @airodyssey
    I closed the other thread so all new replies should now only show up in this thread...

  11. YOu're quite certain this is the Facebook like and not the WordPress like? I have to ask.

  12. 100% for sure the Facebook Like, I am starting to wonder if maybe it's related to the facebook account settings

  13. Update I see what happen the update went through but instead of it being at the top of mine or my wifes profile page a little like notice got added half way down the page so it was hidden from my view because it's such a small status update...

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