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Why doesn't jetpack send and email confirmation to new followers?

  1. I recently noticed that when new people try to follow my blog they seem to never receive and email confirmation from jetpack. I tried it myself with different emails and received no confirmation email. Everything else seems to be running properly with jetpack. My site is hosted on godaddy, so I don't know if the problem could possibly be with them.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there, I am sorry you are running into this issue. I suspect that there is an incompatibility with your other plugins. Could you please try the following:
    1) Disable all plugins except for Jetpack.
    2) Try subscribing with different email addresses, both via sidebar box / custom "Follow" widget at the bottom, and also from the main homepage as well as a single blog page.
    3) If you are able to subscribe normally with other plugins disabled, then the next step would be to activate plugins one-by-one and repeat the subscription process, to find the plugin that is causing the conflict. If you are still unable to subscribe with all other plugins disabled, then the issue is with Jetpack/your site and we'll need to look further into this.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I deactivated all plugins except for jetpack and I still have the same result. No confirmation e-mail is recieved. On the otherhand I know my current subscribers received an email when I make a new post, so at least I know some sort of emails are going out.

    Any other suggestions of what could be causing the problem? Everything was working fine until about 1 month ago. I'm stumped!

  4. Jenia, I noticed that you successfully subscribed to my blog. For some reason I have not received a confirmation e-mail with the various e-mails I tried. Well, I'm glad that it at least worked for you. Did your confirmation e-mail come through right away?

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  5. Yes, Jenia did receive the confirmation email.

    She was able to subscribe via the widget in the sidebar, but not the custom Follow element near the bottom-right. That isn't part of Jetpack, so I recommend getting in touch with the plugin's developer, as we can really only help with Jetpack elements.

  6. Unfortunately I've tried subscribing with about 5 different email addresses through the sidebar widget and I have not received a confirmation email from wordpress for any of them. I just can't figure out why it would send some and not others. Could it have to do with the fact that I am in Ukraine?

  7. And there is definitely nothing in your spam folder?

  8. Yes, I've checked the spam filter and nothing. I just created two brand new emails to try out, one and the other and I didn't get any confirmation emails from them either.

  9. I also deactivaged all plugins and then only reactivated jetpack and still nothing!

  10. It seems like you aren't using the Jetpack subscribe widget anymore. Did you switch away from it?

    Please note that we can only support Jetpack's subscribe widget and subscription system.

  11. Yes, I did switch to to subscribe2 to see if that would change anything. It seems the problem is still the same so that means the problem is most likely not in jetpack.

  12. Ok, quite possible something interfering with the form then.

    Theme functions can rarely interfere like plugins do, so would you please see if you have the same problem when you temporarily switch to the Twenty Eleven theme?

  13. I'll try it and let you know.

  14. Wow, that was it! I changed the theme back to Twenty Eleven and it works perfectly! I guess I need to contact and see if they have a fix for this. I'd hate to have to change themes just because of this problem.

    Thanks James!

  15. You're welcome!

  16. Hey guys,
    I am having same problem. My subscribe receiving confirmation email but when I post new post article in my website then my subscribe is not receiving any mail.
    any idea?

    Thanks for your help.

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