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Why doesn't my blog allow me to use sub-headings?

  1. millertheology

    I cannot format headings and subheadings in my blog. Haven't ever had the problem until today. Has something changed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nothing has changed that I'm aware of. Did you try upgrading your browser version and clearing your browser cache and cookies?

  3. millertheology

    Sorry, I am not writing it in code, I am uploading a document from Word. I have done this several times. Today, when uploaded, it changes the formatting. I am not an HTML code writer...

  4. Maybe you need to toggle the Format tool to set it to Paragraph before you start typing. It's in the Visual editor Row 2 first position "style". See the illustration here If you forget to do that then edit the post, highlight all in the Visual editor, select Paragraph from the Format tool, switch editor to Text then switch back to Visual and click Update.

  5. millertheology

    Thanks, timetheif, yes I did clear cache and browser. I am using latest Firefox

  6. I am uploading a document from Word. ... it changes the formatting. I am not an HTML code writer...

    Microsoft Word is a word processing program that’s not compliant with web standards. The result of copy and pasting from Microsoft Word into the Tiny MCE editor in WordPress blogs can be unexpected, unless you know how to use the built-in features in the Visual editor for using Word cleanly.

  7. millertheology

    In my visual editor, I no longer have 2 rows of icons. The second row is missing...that is where the fonts can be controlled.

  8. millertheology

    Thanks for the headsup on Word. I have learned to "tweak" the copy from Word into WordPress, but without the visual editor font/format toggles, I can't work with the copy at all.

    Also, I cannot type directly into WordPress from the dashboard and control font/format. I just don't have the icons.

  9. You need to click the kitchen sink icon #15 at the end of Row 1 to have Row 2 appear.

  10. millertheology

    Figured it out! Needed to click the "kitchen sink" icon on top row. Thank you for your help.....

  11. You're welcome.

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