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Why doesn't my blog come up in BOTD Posts Section?

  1. Why doesn't my blog come up in Botd, considering it has enough pageviews and is the first in Growing Blogs?

  2. That's a tough question to answer. How do you know it has enough page views compared to those who've made BOTD?

  3. Well, how many hits are you getting?

    Some people's blogs are not featured on BOTD no matter what. I don't know why, but my blog is one of them. Assuming you're actually talking about BOTD and not Featured Blog or the main page.

  4. I had more than a hundred page views for that article. Usually, 20 is enough to get into the Romanian BOTD.

  5. What is BOTD? Please.

  6. BOTD is blogs of the day, the top one hundred blogs. You can split it up by language as well:

  7. My photo~Sharp blog made it on the BOTD, page
    it only lasted on the page for 2hours because there
    is so many blogs on wordpress and theres started
    getting more hits than mine that can be why you
    don't see your blog on the BOTD, page

  8. If you're not on the global tag pages you won't be on the BOTD either it seems. And if the post is more than a few months old, you also won't be on it. Which annoys me, since I have a post that gets two thousand hits a day every time there's a new rumour about Britney Spears.

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