Why doesn't my facebook stay connected with wordpress

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    My blog will show connected to my facebook page, but for some reason when it posts it says it is not connected and I try to connect again and it will say it is connected but will not post to my facebook and will say i need to connect again. It’s like it is loosing connection. I am trying to connect it to one of my facebook PAGES.
    Blog url: http://vivalaserdisc.wordpress.com/


    Can you please try reconnecting Facebook? Please ensure you do all the steps in the procedure.


    I have tried that already… It is still not staying connected.



    Are you able to manually share a link to your post by posting the link on your Facebook wall?

    If not, do you see any errors?


    I am able to do it manually… No errors. It was working before and now it just stopped working which makes me think it is a WordPress error.



    Are you trying to connect to your personal Facebook wall or a Facebook page?


    Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Viva-Laserdisc/113794028721316 – i just posted manually to my page…
    WOW… it just seems so weird that I am reading the forum and soooooo many people are having this issues and all that is answered is the EXACT same thing. Can we finally say that it is a wordpress problem and fix it. If you have more than 1 person, more than 2 or 3… come on… there is like 10 people right now going through the exact same issues and everyone of us has reconnected over and over again… we all are doing the same thing with the same results.



    It’s still possible that it could be a problem on Facebook’s end, so I’m just tying to rule-out all of the possibilities, or at the very least narrow down the cause. Despite the few who are having trouble, we have several thousand (including myself) who are publicizing to Facebook without issue.

    One more thing to try, Facebook sometimes has some rather bizarre cache issues. Would you please ask a friend (not yourself) to share a link to one of your posts, then reconnect publicize one more time and try again?

    It sounds odd, but this has worked before when Facebook accidentally blocked blog and lifted the block, but Publicize still refused to go through.


    I tried that… still doing the same exact thing. I cleared the everything out of facebook and wordpress… reconnected everything and nothing. Still not working.



    Thank you for your patience in this matter. I have passed on all of the data we have acquired here to our Publicize team, and hopefully they can track down a solution for you.



    We’ve found one bug that can cause the behavior you’ve experienced with WordPress.com posting to your Facebook page.

    Could you please let us know if your next post works as you expect it to?

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