why doesn't my godday domain show up in url my wordpress-hosted blog?

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    I bought my domain from godaddy and paid $100 dollars on wordpress to upgrade my account to get hosting and my domain to mask the wordpress domain. I already tried changing the DNS in godaddy and although the domain takes me to the blog, it doesn’t display in the url bar. Finally, I feel like I have 2 blogs – one blog i see when i type my domain (foodtotheface.com) and has the first test post I wrote and no appearance changes or additional posts & in the other blog when I log into my account and click manage blogs – displays my first actual post and appearance changes I have made in the dashboard (and does not show the first test blog).

    -How do I know if the upgrade went thru? I got a paypal charge but I don’t know when looking at my wordpress.
    -How do I get my domain name to show up in the url bar?
    -how can I sync what seem to be two different wordpress blogs under the same domain?

    The blog I need help with is gabrielagilp.wordpress.com.



    Oops, No Primary Site Set

    There is no primary domain set for gabrielagilpblog.wordpress.com. This means that although foodtotheface.com will forward to the site, foodtotheface.com will appear in the browser address bar.

    Set Primary: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/#setting-the-primary-domain

    http://gabrielagilp.wordpress.com/ – is the blog with the cake picture in it

    You can see what you bought at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades
    Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History



    thanks for your response auxclass.

    I tried what you said for the domain and it tells me the domain is already mapped to another wordpress blog and since I have been trying to get the url to display trying different things, I think I might have mapped it to the other blog that i see when I type foodtotheface.com and not to the one with the cake.

    For the upgrade, it tells me I haven’t done any upgrades, but I do have the charge in my card. so I still feel like I have two blogs under the same name..



    You have two blogs – one with mapping one without – if you wanted to map to the piece of cake – that is not what you did –

    Domain mapping can be transferred to the other site if you want – you need to be logged in as the Admin that bought the domain mapping at the blog with the wrong mapping – then go to Dashboard >> store >> My Upgrades – you should be able to transfer foodtotheface.com from gabrielagilpblog.wordpress.com to gabrielagilp.wordpress.com/ – – click on transfer and follow the directions

    If you have trouble – the staff can move it for you – but they need to be ask by the account that owns the upgrade and told in very clear words so they don’t need to ask for clarification



    thanku so much auxclass!!! i finally go it! :)



    You be welcome

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