Why doesn’t my name have a link when I post comments?

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    Newbie here, still sorting out the mega new information that a blog site entails.

    I have seen comments where the person’s name is a link and opens a ‘snap’ window when you put your mouse on it. Thats really cool because I have wondered how comments and blogs get linked. Since noone seems to use signatures with their blog addy – Is that a no no here?

    But, why doesn’t my name have that same link and ‘snap’ window? Or something, anything??

    Thanks in advance for the info.



    Go to dashboard -> users, click your username and insert the url to your blog.
    That will make your name a link here as well, as you see under my avatar.
    The windows that pop up can be disabled, so you will not see it everywhere.



    Note that past comments will not update with your link. Only future comments will be effected.



    Hi bubel – interesting, because in my case it did update past posts. I went from graphic to non-graphic, though. Does that make the diffrence? I use the neat! theme.


    Thanks for the reply, but I don’t quite get it.

    Click the username (right, left, what?)
    My username is greenesrelease, but the name that shows in posts is ‘Name’ Janet…..???
    Insert the url to your blog….What url, and how/where do I insert it?

    I’m great with computers and websites, but this site has soooooooooo many new concepts to get my brain around.



    go to dashboard, click “users” in the right hand corner – then you get a list with admins/contributors to your blog (probably just you), click your name in that list, scroll down the page and find the field where you can insert the url to your blog.



    …..you can also upload an avatar there.


    Found it!

    Thanks for your help.

    Since you’re already here, can I ask a couple more quick questions…

    Trackback, Ping etc. I’ve read the info but I still don’t get it. Are these things I should be using, why and how? What are they exactly?



    It’s a good idea to start a new thread for a new question – makes the forum a little more usable, searchable and spesific.

    Don’t worry about pings and trackbacks – when someone links you your blog, you’ll be notified, and when you link to others they get notified. You’ll get around it.


    but…..as you can see greenesrelease came up above instead of Janet..

    I checked again and I have Janet as ‘Display name publicly as’

    Did I miss something?



    The “display name publicly” option does not effect the forums.


    It said Janet before I changed the url and pic…

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