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Why doesn't my post show up in the reader?

  1. In the past, if I typed a tag of a post I'd just published into the reader, my post would show up. Today, it isn't showing up.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When assigning categories and tags the rule of thumb is less is more - keep them minimal and relevant. You are using an excessive combined number of categories and tags, hence, all search engines perceive you to be a tag spammer (spamdexer). See:

    As you have assigned too many Categories/Tags to your posts, you need to edit and delete. After removal note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying on the Topics pages in the Reader.

  3. Thank you so much! (novice blogger :-( )

  4. Not to worry. It's a classic mistake beginners make. Just reduce the keyword categories and tags to the minimum number of relevant ones. Several days after you do that your posts will appear in the Topics pages.

  5. P.S. Never use the same keyword and/or keyword phrase as both a category and a tag. All search engines treat categories and tags exactly the same way, so if you do that, then once again, you will be perceived to be a tag spammer. (You will also have an editing mess to fix.)

  6. I didn't know that either! Thank you so much for your trouble, you've really helped me a lot!

  7. oh so that's why i have the same problem today? can you tell me how many categories and tags is the best to use please? my website is

  8. @ladygilraen
    I have another tip. Do not include the name of your blog or business as a category or tag. Search engines consider that to be opportunistic tag spamming as well. The topics pages are shared resource not a private archive.

  9. @helenamallett
    Please read the support doc I linked to above to locate your answer. See:
    When you read that number know that Staff are twice a generous when it comes to the total combined allowed number of categories and tags as one would expect them to be.

  10. ok thank you very much! if i delete now from the categories and tags is it too late for it to work properly?

  11. @@ladygilraen
    If you are into receiving more information then know that search engines are not focused on the Categories and Tags you assign to your posts. Their primary focus is on the keywords and keyword phrases found in content. Consequently, the keyword categories and tags one assigns to any post ought to be found in the content and note that search engines have alogrithms inplace that can detect if they are found in the content or not. Information, tips and video here >

  12. @helenamallett

    if i delete now from the categories and tags is it too late for it to work properly?

    No but after you edit and delete it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying on the Topics pages in the Reader.

  13. @ladygilraen
    Editing timestamps and/or deleting posts and republishing new posts with same content

    If you are still up for learning a bit more then know that the posts we publish are automatically posted to the Topics pages in the order defined by their date-stamps, and the software can detect if we change the date-stamp so the posts will appear only in accord with their date-stamps.

    That had to be programmed in as we had opportunists who continually attempted to game the system. It was stupid to do from a Google perspective as it amounted to cutting one's nose off to spite their face. If one edits a post and changes the date-stamp that changes the URL and creates a broken link ie 404 (page not found). The same thing results when one deletes a post and posts it again under a new date. Consequences explained here >

    Exposure time on the most popular Topics pages and locating posts users produce about 33.9 million new posts and 40.9 million new comments each month.

    Exposure time on the 1st page of search results for any popular Topic is very limited as new posts are constantly being published which pushes the earlier posts down the page and onto back pages (2, 3 4 ...etc.)

    So if you are looking for your posts you must look under the assigned Categories/Tags pages in order of date-stamp and that means the likelihood a post assigned to a popular Topic will remain on the 1st page of search results under that topic for very long is slim to none.

  14. Thanks so much for all your advice - although i'm really struggling to understand it all!
    Are you saying that i should not use '75 word stories' as a tag because that is my brand?
    Please can you explain about topics - is that the list i should select my categories from - are they the same thing? I think i added 'Flash Fraction" to my topic list - should i not have done this?
    Are there any lists where i can just pick my categories and tags from this would simplify things?
    So sorry for all the questions but i see now that i have a ridiculous number of tags on my posts so i shall delete. Does this mean that old posts that never showed up in Reader might do so now - even though they are weeks/months old?

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