Why doesn't my sharing page show that my facebook page is linked?

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    I clicked ‘connect to facebook’ under the Publicize option under Sharing. I get this message: You have successfully connected your WordPress.com blog with your Facebook account.
    However, under facebook, it continues to say ‘disconnected’ and the green light which would indicate a connection is also non-existent.

    Please help!
    Blog url: http://healthyforachange.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is healthyforachange.com.



    Sorry about that. Could you please try reconnecting Facebook following the steps outlined here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/publicize/#reconnecting-facebook

    Let me know if the issue persists after reconnecting!


    Unfortunately the issue persists! Results are the same as described in my original message.


    Nevermind. I was able to resolve the problem. Thank you!



    You are welcome :)

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