Why doesn't my slide shows work anymore on my blog?

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    Why doesn’t my slide shows work anymore on my blog?

    The blog I need help with is ocalabuyersagent.wordpress.com.




    I’m still waiting for this one to load for me on Chrome44. Can you say how many photos are in this particular slideshow?


    I am not sure how many photos are in the slide show. There is a problem and it’s not working properly any more. I have no idea what happened either.



    I had a slideshow working for two days, and now it is not working. Can you tell me how to fix this please?



    @ocalabuyersagent — Can you describe exactly what you see when you visit a page on your blog with a slideshow, like the one justjennifer mentioned? It took some time for that slideshow to load in my browser (Chrome 44) but once it finished loading everything worked for me. Do you get a specific error message when you try to view that slideshow?

    @robynooh — I checked your site and didn’t see any slideshows there. Can you give me a link to the slideshow that isn’t working for you?


    Look at this blog for an example of one of my slide shows:

    WHAT A PERFECT DAY…. for the Art Festival today in downtown Ocala


    None of my slide shows are working.



    Hi ocalabuyersagent, sorry if my reply earlier was confusing. I have checked the slideshows on your blog at https://ocalabuyersagent.wordpress.com/ and they are working on my end. Can you describe exactly what you see when you try to view one of your slideshows?



    On my blog, I created a slide show entitled Some of My Favorite People. It showed each picture and then changed to the next. But now it just shows the title and if you click on it it shows all the pictures on one static page. Is there a way to get it back to the slide show?


    @rachelmcr, thanks for letting me know that the slide shows ARE working. I may be having an issue with my internet provider.



    @rachelmcr @ocalabuyersagent – I just again clicked on the Post that I linked to above and after 2 minutes, the slideshow has not yet started.

    Nor after 3 minutes,

    Nor after 4 minutes.

    Nor after 5 minutes and I’ve now shut the browser tab. If I were a “normal” visitor, I would have shut the browser tab long before this.

    All I see is the slideshow placeholder, but as I mentioned, the photos never appear.

    Chrome44 on Win7Pro SP1



    @rachelmcr @ocalabuyersagent
    I’m on a PC running windows 7 and using FF 39. The images in the slideshow in this post https://ocalabuyersagent.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/so-much-fun-tonight-at-light-up-ocala-2013/do not load for me.



    @justjennifer @timethief — Thanks for sharing those details. The slideshow doesn’t take that long to load on my end, but that may be a difference in our connection speeds.

    @ocalabuyersagent — I took another look at your slideshow, and I see that it includes almost 50 photos, and some of those photos are quite large (3-5 MB). All of the photos have to load before the slideshow will start, so having a lot of large photos can really slow things down.

    One way to resolve it is to resize your photos so each one is smaller — that will help each photo load faster, so the slideshow loads faster overall. (We also have some details about that on our Image Optimization page.)



    @robynooh — I found the page you mentioned on your site, and it doesn’t actually have a slideshow on it. That page had a number of individual photos that have since been deleted from your media library. You’ll need to re-upload those images and re-add them to the page to get them working again. If you need any more help with that, please start a new forum thread so we can help you separately from the slideshow issue in this thread.


    Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate all of your input.

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