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Why doesn't my tag ever show up on the home page?

  1. streamsandforests

    My posts have a variety of tags, but "hiking" is probably the one that I use most frequently. But it never shows up on the WordPress home page (despite the fact that there are plenty of posts that show up under that tag search). I see from the FAQ that it might take a while if I have a new blog, but I've been blogging on the subject for about three or four weeks now. Just too far down in the list of priorities?

  2. Don't know how long it takes. I don't think the tag search is very accurate.

    I first started my blog a little less than a year ago, and it almost immediately showed up in the tags (I think "hiking" is a larger category/tag than my blog: Japanese recipes), and I'd have the "featured blog" in the tags connected with my blog. Then there were months of the "no-shower family" being the featured post in tag search for Japanese food. The post was 8 or more months old and older with no updates, and that blog in general was not even connected to Japanese food, cooking nor recipes except for 1 post!! Then there was a week of a porno blog associated with Japan that was the featured blog on the tag search. I kept marking it as mature, and I got emails acknowledging that the blog was "mature" and would be eliminated from the tag search, but for that week lots of other Japanese porno blogs kept showing up.

    On the other hand, over the year, I've gotten hits on my blog from tags. So, inaccurate or not, it still works.

  3. streamsandforests - you should be okay now. Let us know in Support if your posts do not now appear.

    1tess - I can't explain the posts as the time has gone, but if an unsuitable blog is a Featured one then that information will help me. I can remove it from there but it's a little more work than simply marking as Mature.
    Marking as Mature should cause a blog to disappear as the system updates which would be a few hours at most. But if it stays around please do let us know.

  4. I've gotten hits on my blog from tags.

    I have never seen a hit in my dashboard from tags. What does it look like?

  5. It's just a link;

  6. Nope. Never seen it.

  7. Tag sex. You'll see it :P

  8. Ha! I don't think that would fit in on my blog.

  9. Mark,
    Thank you for the information. As you say, time has gone by. Months passed. I just assumed tag searches are all random and automatic: outdated, porno, and all.

    The mature blogs got deleted quickly when I reported them, but the tag search (for Japanese Cooking) seemed to keep the mature blogs coming for a week or two. They got deleted when I marked them, but for a while those blogs kept being included. Time gone by. So thanks.

    The months old posts still show up.

    best regards,

  10. vivianpaige,
    I've never had tag sex (What would that be? naive me!),
    but the links are in my Referrers that say "" or "" many times per day.

  11. I use that category all the time. That is just about the only one that has EVER given me a hit.

  12. agar-agar? or sex?

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